What Laura Says TALK EP Out Today!

What Laura Says


Sundawg Records

Phoenix groove masters supreme have set to unleash their new EP Talk and their first release for Sundawg Records on May 24th , and this will provide us all with a summer soundtrack to sit around and simmer in for the months of anticipation leading up to a full album release in the fall. Across four songs the good vibes dive thoroughly throughout the blues, with a touch of funk and a whole lot of soul. This is the music which you will find your hips swinging to in the sultry hot desert winds found poolside and smiling wider and wider with each track as it passes by your mind. Every element of what makes What Laura Says one of the greatest bands around is evident here—it is generally a low key event, but in their subtle, sultry way the music mesmerizes the listener into complete immersion, if not submission to a sound so fine, like grapes ripening on the vine and making wine at the same time. Let’s face it, these fine young men are in it to win it and with the release of this little teaser, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.

Talk opens with the “Girl Not Gonna’ Leave”, which is steeped deeply in a blues drenched mood with all the swirling hypnotic tricks What Laura Says is known for, magically intact. Somehow they are able to cultivate the demons of the delta and throw it into their erstwhile mix of psychedelic  ephemera and make it work. It comes off as a sexy invocation of what the EP will embody, an anthem of sweet darkness with a warmth that is sure to allure even the most unaware ear. While I’m not usually a fan of guitar solos, the one found here is brief, searing and brilliant, every second of it. This is a groove that cannot be denied and I dare you not to sway to it, swing to it, savor the flavor of just what’s going on here.

“Porch Indiana” is a slow burner that will blow your mind, here the boys of What Laura Says continue their bedevilment with the blues and somehow incorporate kooky keyboards, background songs and nearly Wilson-esque harmonies. The makes for summer fun found in one number alone—the harmonies, the mix of musical stylings this may be the most triumphant moment on the EP purely based alone on construct and composition. It also happens to be supremely beautiful, uplifting and something you will find yourself playing over again and again.

There is more sinister seduction to be found on “Sun Is (Out)” which is comparatively speaking, epic in length compared to the other tunes on this platter.  This is a master groove that comes complete with its own stage lighting in your mind—seriously this song creates an atmosphere in your soul that evokes a  time you’ve never even lived in.  “Sun Is” is transportational, rightfully the centerpiece of the entire work, this is poetry in motion and when the harmonica steps in half way through, you can only grin and think “They nailed it!” It is on this song that it becomes apparent that What Laura Says has created something entirely new, and in fact there is an entirely new dimension to their sound on the record, but also, they’ve created an entirely new sound for all dimensions and that in fact is the greater achievement.  This song is sweaty and sexy and powerful, in perfectly understated glory.

“Oh, My Neighbor” closes the EP with breathy harmonies and a simply acoustic start, before the melody kicks in and the vocals dance around your head like cherubic  psalms sung to your willing ears.  Danny Godbold’s  vocals are simply angelic on this number, and ends the EP on perhaps the greatest peaceful feeling one can feel, when stepping away from a four song experience.  It plays like psychedelic gospel music with a downright hipster feel, and they play it straight. It is the perfect play of innocence and grace to match the wisdom and experience found in the songs before it. It is the yin to the starting tracks yang and it finishes in as much pristine beauty as “Girl Not Gonna’ Leave” began with gritty lust. Every moment of this EP leaves you wanting the album soon to follow that much more, as any perfect EP should. Brilliant.

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(Editor’s Note: This article appeared in edited form in the May issue of JAVA Magazine)