PEACHCAKE-This Wasn’t Our Plan EP-FOR FREE!!!

Peachcake’s This Wasn’t Our Plan EP is now, as of today available for FREE!!! That’s right, absolutely free download and you can get it here: DOWNLOAD This Wasn’t Our Plan

1. You Matter
2. Speaking Of Handouts, I Got You Something
3. Who Are These People And Why Does This Music Suck?
4. Great Morning (Demo)
5. Speaking Of Handouts, I Got You Something (Semuta Combustion Edit)

Front man Stefan Pruett had this to say about why they decided to make the EP available for free download, “The EP will be given away for free indefinitely.We are doing this to show our fans how much we love them and how much we love this new material, in hopes they will love it and it will speak to them as passionately as it does to us.” If that’s not love, I’m not sure what is–first of all the EP is magnificent, the work of Stefan Pruett, Mike McHale, David Jackman and producer Jalipaz is first rate. Every listen makes you eagerly anticipate the upcoming album, Unbelievable Souls even more. To read a full review of the album and listen to the opening track, check out my post here: This Wasn’t Our Plan Review.

Peachcake is also working on a music video for another new song from the upcoming album that was just featured as the theme song for the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, a worldwide effort to support demilitarization, and that song can be downloaded, here: “Were We Ever Really Right?”

Be sure to check back at for a review of Peachcake’s amazing record release show at the Rhythm Room this past May 12th with Tobie Milford, Genre, Whisperlights and Factories. It was an unbelievable show.