The Whisperlights Unleash Their New Album, Surfaces At The Duce!!!

This should turn out to be the show of June. Admittedly, I’ve missed a lot of good shows during the last few weeks, I know I’ve missed a lot of great shows, but if I’m not mistaken, this is going to top everything for the month. First off, it’s The Whisperlights releasing an amazing record called Surfaces, an album I have spent quite a bit of time with over the past week or so, working on the July/August feature for JAVA Magazine. After nearly twenty listens to the album, surprisingly, it doesn’t grow old, not so surprisingly, after that many listens you will have memorized every beautiful moment of the entire affair and you will not be able to get the songs out of your head. Secondly, the lineup is simply astounding. This, in my opinion, is key to a great CD release show–ensuring that there is a brilliant array of likeminded artists supporting your endeavor and bringing their own crowd to turn you on to the sounds of their friends. This is much in the vein of other recent release parties this year that were wildly successful, such as What Laura Says, Peachcake and Lisa Savidge–brilliant nights filled with amazing music, this event will be a set that certainly will be able to match up to the high bar raised there. Third, for your $10 entrance at The Duce you get a great evening AND a complimentary digital download of the album Surfaces which you can listen to when you get home. I’m not sure it gets better than that. This is seriously great music and really, it’s like your buying the download and getting a night to remember for free. This is a win-win situation. Besides, if you’re so inclined, you can also pick up a CD of the album and support a band you either lover or are about to fall in love with momentarily.

Let’s talk about the lineup. When I first saw the flyer, I’ll admit it, my jaw dropped and my eyes lit up and my brain was set on fire. I live for shows like these–so much talent on the two stages, so much glorious music in one evening, so much fit into one bill, it’s absolutely brilliant. The presence of The Whisperlights sister band Underground Cites makes sense, since they now share bassist Brent Bachelder and catching these bands together is always magical. Additionally, Dry River Yacht Club is another sensible choice, not only because they put on an absolutely amazing show, but because they now share percussionist and drummer Henrie Bernard. For most that would be reason enough to declare an  evening out, but the deal becomes infinitely sweeter with the likes of  There Is Danger, Wooden Indian, Black Carl and Sweetbleeders joining in as well. Almost all of these bands have loyal followings and that’s what I think is great, I hope they bring there loving crowds and turn them on to  another band who they might love as well, if they don’t already. Not only that but these artists are coming out to support a band they feel worthy of supporting and an album that they feel should be launched properly (and they are, and they should).  Be sure to get there early to ensure that you can catch all the bands, for instance, relative newcomers to the scene, Wooden Indian put on an amazing show that will leave you stunned and unsettled, fascinated by their minimalist psychotropic show of indie mysticism. The entire evening will be worth it from start to finish…every band, every note.

Photo by Valerie Liu

All things considered, this is The Whisperlights party and while the lineup for the evening is amazing, it all leads up to the headliners, the band throwing this shindig to celebrate their new album Surfaces. I have spent a lot of time with this album and it is amazing from beginning to end–it also happens to be some of the best music for summer I’ve ever heard. This is uptight, upright, indie rock power pop, filled with thought provoking metaphors and miles and miles of smiles. After enough listens the songs will become a part of your soul and you’ll find yourself singing “Great Escape” to yourself or waking up from a dream in which “Ditch The Watch” was a soundtrack or dancing madly while clapping to “Ulna Habenaha” plays on the stereo in your mind. Sure the lineup this evening is great, but it’s about local bands supporting The Whisperlights who have incidentally released one of the best albums of the year. This evening will be a night to remember, great bands getting together to launch a great album into the world. It also happens to be the start of the Whisperlights tour and what a start it will be, I guarantee. Doors open at the Duce at 7pm, the music begins between two stages at 8pm–See you there!