Colorstore’s “Afire” Coming Soon…With Your Help!


Colorstore is pretty much done recording the long anticipated follow-up to their amazing second album Bonefish: The Legend Of Mahogany Cass, and they’d like to release the album Afire this fall, but they need to tie up some loose ends. Namely they need to raise some funds to cover the cost of mixing, mastering and pressing the LPs and CDs–and so it was that they turned toward a Kickstarter campaign. I first heard of Kickstarter sitting around a bonfire interviewing Black Carl while they were tossing around ideas about how to fund their current series of double A-sided singles (which they have now turned into a record club, skipping the Kickstarter campaign all together). Next I heard of Kickstarter through Ladylike, who successfully ran a campaign that funded the recording of their upcoming album in a Lawrence, Kansas studio. And now Colorstore is looking for the same love, which, in my opinion, they whole heartedly deserve. First of all, I beg of you to visit their Kickstarter page, as well as their Bandcamp page–watch the video, listen to the songs and ask yourself: “Do you really want this later than sooner?” The answer will obviously be an emphatic “No!” because this music is amazing and you want the CD or the LP or the Digital Download of the finished product in your hands…I’ve wanted it for at least a year and I’m sure Robin Vining can atest to that since everytime I see him anywhere I ask, “So, how’s the new album coming?” and he fills me in on the details.

So here’s the deal: There is a week left on Colorstore’s Kickstarter campaign and so far they have raised $1,230 of their goal of $2000 from 36 individuals who clearly love their music and want more of it as soon as possible. Now, if by 10:34pm EDT (which means 7:34pm our time) on July 4th they do not have the entire $2000 pledged, they don’t get diddly…nothing…squat. So all those well meaning folks who were the first 36 backers with good intentions, well if they don’t reach their goal, that love was for naught. The rewards of the pledges are tiered and fair and I’m slightly jealous of anyone that can pledge $100 to the cause, because you get BOTH CD and LP (w/download card) of their new album Afire, your name listed in the thank you section of the vinyl insert, they’ll even sign the LP cover if you want – your choice! PLUS they will perform an hour-long set at a house party that you arrange (we’ll travel within Arizona for this) If I wasn’t saving for a house and I was living in one, I’d think nothing of the decision, because…well, Colorstore in your house at a party…playing for an hour!!! This makes me want to have a house and $100 I could throw out the entire cause…I still might pledge that much in anticipation of a house to come.

I owe a lot to Colorstore, I’m not going to lie and they might not even know it (though I think I have told various members of this band various versions of this story when I’ve run into them, certainly Robin who is ubiquitous throughout the scene). I had been writing for JAVA Magazine for nearly a year when finally, my editor at the time, William Reed suggested I write something about a local band. For the previous year, I had been writing about anything and everything that struck my fancy and I loved every minute of it–I threw my idea out, it was given the greenlight and I wrote it at length. So when this was suggested I was actually disappointed. My thoughts were exactly, “Great, write about a local band, I am so unthrilled by this.” Well, Reed had suggested I check  out the new Colorstore, I had never heard of them and finally agreed–it was a local mag, I could probably write about local stuff every now and then, but I couldn’t imagine I’d enjoy it. I had passed a few emails back and forth with Mark Erickson and eventually, one Saturday afternoon, he dropped off a burned copy of  Bonefish. I had nothing going on that day, so after delivery, I thought, “Well, what the hell, I’ll give it a spin.”  I will never forgive that moment as  the music that blared out of my stereo changed my life. Local music. Local music that is amazing. Local music that is beyond amazing. Local music might be worth investigating.

Within a year of that experience I was ONLY writing about local music and loving every minute of it, because I believe, that Phoenix, AZ has the greatest music scene in the country right now. Part of that scene, an essential component, is Colorstore. Their new album needs your help and I’ve done the math: 36 people have pledged $1,230, which leaves $770 to go.  And yet 170 people have “Liked” this item on facebook. Interesting. So there are technically 134 people who have like this item, but not pledged their support. If each of those remaining 134 people had pledged a simple $10, the goal would have been exceeded, Colorstore gets everything and they can get their album out. Hell, if half the people that liked it pledged $10 and a few others went for dollar donations, they’d still be able to make it. I’m going to pledge, but I’m going to see what they need around 6am on July 4th. The point is, if you like it, back it, love it and reap the rewards. Please check out the links below to help Colorstore’s dreams come true, because you know you want to. Check out the BandCamp link to a few songs from the new album that will make your heart and mind race for more.