Song Of The Day: “Dynamite & Kerosene” by Mergence

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It seems to me the best way to kick of a four day Holiday weekend is with a little “Dynamite & Kerosene” by Mergence to get things rocking. It strikes me, that no matter how many times I hear this song it still sounds fresh and new, it still get’s my heart racing and my mind spinning. The lead off track from one of the best albums of the year Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead, still gets many spins a week from this fan, because so far it just it doesn’t get old. So I’m starting off the second half of the year with the record that started off the first half of it.

Photo By Bill Goodman

From my previous post, Mergence Can’t Recline In These Satellite Times:

“Dynamite & Kerosene” literally launches the album as not only a standout single, but an opening salvo announcing the intentions and powerful ferocity of the songs soon to follow in its elegant wake. It is easily the most commercially accessible song on the album and the single that invites you to spend some time with Mergence, promising it will be well worth the investment of your attention. Admittedly, it was the song that got me hooked, this song streaming on their website, and forty minutes later I just found myself shaking my head in awe at the complete work. Adam Bruce may well do his best work when he’s behind the piano, and as his lyrics match the pounding of the keys, they become anthemic.  This song is designed to draw you into the sweaty, sexy, rock’n’roll world of Mergence and it achieves every goal it sets out to reach. I’m not sure there’s been a better album opener…ever. Cool, calculated, brilliant. “That was a character song, as I like to call it,” Bruce said. “I became this character one night at home with the piano and that’s what it’s about.”  There was a point too, when girls were dancing in his laundry room in the early morning hours to the demo of the song, that Bruce had to admit, “Yep, this is the single.”

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