Song Of The Day: “Oh, My Neighbor” by What Laura Says

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If last weekend had a vibe demanding you to rock out, I get the sense this weekend is all about chilling out and taking it easy. There is no better song for that purpose than “Oh, My Neighbor” from the brand new TALK ep by What Laura Says. This dreamy little number is probably the most beautiful thing they’ve ever released. The video shows them in the recording studio while the music of the song hypnotizes you into a smile.

I had this to say in the May issue of JAVA Magazine: “Oh, My Neighbor” closes the EP with breathy harmonies and a simply acoustic start, before the melody kicks in and the vocals dance around your head like cherubic  psalms sung to your willing ears.  Danny Godbold’s  vocals are simply angelic on this number, and ends the EP on perhaps the greatest peaceful feeling one can feel, when stepping away from a four song experience.  It plays like psychedelic gospel music with a downright hipster feel, and they play it straight. It is the perfect play of innocence and grace to match the wisdom and experience found in the songs before it. It is the yin to the starting tracks yang and it finishes in as much pristine beauty as “Girl Not Gonna’ Leave” began with gritty lust.

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