Song Of The Day: “White Dress” by Sister Cities

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I know, I know, this song is two years old (really?), but it’s so great that it wraps me in a phenomenal rapture each fall, when I hear it again. I tend to associate songs with the first season I heard them in and once more it’s autumn and this song is much on my mind. Not to mention that there is something amazing about this type of mindblowing desert singed dream pop that you can feel the warm winds blow through your sould while the long shadowed autumn afternoon surrounds your mind. This also may be one of the best and possibly creepiest videos we’ve seen out of this fine valley, so somehow it seemed the closest thing to a Halloween video I could hype today. Really, though it’s about the song itself–which is one of the most amazing things to meet my ears no matter how many times I hear it.

Lyrics like “because when it works it works, but it doesn’t most the time” hit home to anyone in doubt of their decisions or their mind and the entire song is a rolling tumbleweed through your entire life in reflection of things that have gone wrong or things that have gone fine, it’s something that you feel with everything you’ve existed with. The lyrical fragments alone, set you off to explore both your ethose and pathos, “Don’t you say, anything, wrapped up in your waves while the summer kisses your face” or ”In your head, there’s an explanation somewhere…” The song is strange psychological darkness presented in the most summery fashion possible, then there is the the atonal, discordian break that plays out through a manic ascencion to a musical nervous breakdown in fantastic fashion. Well, just listen for yourself, enjoy the video, then sit back and listen to it again with your eyes close and think of all the times you’ve been there and where you are now. This is phenomenal music from a phenomenal band. Rumor has it, their new EP, “Pockets” is ready to explode at any moment. Stay tuned to Sister Cities, this is only the beginning for this band.

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