Ladylike Releases New Single Today!: “Cinema Kiss/Old Young”

As if the gifts bestowed upon us by local musicians haven’t been enough lately, today Ladylike has released their new single and the first taste of their new album, the powerful “Cinema Kiss” backed by “Old Young” If this doesn’t up the ante on the anticipation of their new album’s release, I’m not sure what will.  In typical fashion Ladylike brings about some of the greatest influences of American Music from the last 50 years and makes it sound like a whole new phenomena of swirling pop madness.

“Cinema Kiss” is a dynamic guitar powered monster, in which I will always wonder if the opening line is double entendre, but nevertheless, this is one of the harder rocking numbers in their rapidly expanding catalog—and once more it apes all the ferocity of the fiercest  70s power pop.  Whether it is the searing guitar that recalls the Raspberries or Dwight Twilley Band at their best or the call and response vocals in the middle, or the solo piano and vocal bridge—this is music that makes your mind smile and your body dance and there is simply no denying it. I can imagine “I get around it” screamed by thousands of adoring fans during this number. The lyrical imagery is keenly visionary, treading territory that may seem familiar, but honestly hasn’t been tread upon before.  “We’ll put the stay in mistake.” A bit kitschy, but also pretty damn brilliant. Yet another compositional masterpiece from these fellas and at this point in their young career, that is becoming positively overwhelming—how many songs can this band achieve perfection in? The answer, I’m pretty sure, is there is no limit, each song  of  theirs is  akin to its own solar system and together, in a universe that is completely Ladylike’s.

The very nearly polar b-side, “Old Young” comes off  as a down home homage to recent interpretations of folk music, a touch of, with more than a hint of deep rooted Americana. It’s a rather unusual number for Ladylike, but it’s right at home for the sounds, styles and eras their music tends to explore. The intricate picking on the electric acoustics involved are down right hypnotic and the laidback harmonies are inviting in the same way Gram Parson’s Flying Burrito Brothers were, perhaps Poco at their height.  The lyrics tell a story of two people in love who behave well beyond their age and days, but somehow they make this kind of behavior sound pretty damn appealing. It’s a beautiful song, there is no denying it, with a wry sense of humor about that is tapered off by an almost wistful nostalgia for how the days now will feel when their age has caught up with their behavior. This is the perfect soundtrack to our lovely autumn weather that makes you want to recline outside all day and perhaps imagine that you and your better half are already retired. It’s all like a warm, easy breeze blowing through  you soul, soothing you every moment it lasts. “We will drive nice and slow, in a comfortable car, cause we’ve learned our lessons, don’t care where we’re going, just for who were sitting next to.” Amazing.

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