11.11.11 The Question Is…Where Will You Be?

There are some evenings where, for the local music enthusiast, life is simply not fair. This often occurs on Friday and Saturday nights, but lately it’s been happening on Thursdays, Wednesdays and random Tuesdays. This Friday, November 11, 2011-yes, 11.11.11–is such a night where most people I know wish they could be in two places at once. Especially this Friday. There are two shows going on in this metro area of such astonishing power that I have to talk, at length, about them both–and it’s not like they are near each other, not like you could bounce back and forth between venues with hopes of catching the best of each. No, one is in Tempe and the other downtown Phoenix. This is an amazing night and wherever you decide to spend it, if it’s at one of these two shows you’ve probably won, no matter what.

The first showcase I’ll spotlight will take place at Long Wong’s Tempe.  Amidst the ashes of the Kirkwood Dellinger breakup, Brian Dellinger receded into the shadows for a bit, laying down some tracks andassembling a band of his own astute vision.  This Friday Dellinger returns to the stage with his new band The Dellinger Feist, for an all out extravaganza of musical madness. The night is entitled “Passion Of The Feist” andwill feature not only the band making it’s live debut, but Doctor Bones, Ray Kurzweil’s Face, Future Loves Past and their gracious hosts, Long Wong’s Featured Band Of the Month (FBOM Fridays) Mitch Freedom’s Phantasmagoria. The Dellinger Feist has been making some crazy waves, as well it should, considering that their current lineup consists of Brian Dellinger, Brian Boyer, Chelsea Dellinger, all three formerly of Kirkwood Dellinger, along with Bethany Grace and Ira Deaton, who are no strangers to participating in the local musical scene.  In addition to that, The Dellinger Feist’s single from their forthcoming EP, recently mastered by whiz kid Cary Miller (Tobie Milford, Terrible People), “Different Days” has been taking the top spot on the Morning Infidelity on KWSS 106.7 FM TMI Top 5 Countdown, for the last four countdowns!  One more to go and “Different Days” will  be declared a homegrown hit, which is much deserved. (Links below to hear it now).

This will be one of the most amazing Fridays of the year and there is a lot to look forward to with this killer lineup. This is the kind of show you get to early and stay all night long, for not a moment will there be a lull. If you’re not aware of Mitch Freedom’s Phantasmagoria, that’s Mitch of What Laura Says, who will be leading his own vision with friends andfellow travelers joining him for the ride. “I was looking for a performing outlet to present my own original compositions that haven’t found a home,” Freedom said. “While bringing together as many of the projects I work with and as many of my friends who want to work with me—all in an eclectically spontaneous environment in which anything can happen…where the sky isn’t even the limit, musically speaking.”  Mitch Freedom is really letting loose with the project as well, ” MFP sets will contain a majority of my tunes – which run the gamut from soul to funk to jazz to folk, raga and rock,” Freedom said. “Both vocal and instrumental selections – as well as hand selecting some tasty obscure covers, and all depending on who will be on stage with me for any given evening. I’ll also be playing dj and spinning some of my favorite music from the old and new school. Basically, my musical mind flipped inside-out!” With that in mind, this should be a night beyond compare, it is free to anyone who shows up ready to enjoy the tunes and dance their ass off.

The other location to be on Friday night at the same date and time, is across town in Phoenix at the brand new and amazing, Cresecent Ballroom. This one will be an all-star jam packed event, and one that is very nearly sold out at this point. The lineup is very nearly a dream come true for the lovers of this valley’s pre-eminent rock bands and the venue alone will draw others that may be unaware of what awaits them. This Friday night Crescent Ballroom will be host to Mergence, KONGOS, The Technicolors and Huckleberry. Huckleberry will be opening the show with their soulful, thoughtful sound, followed by The Technicolors who have just returned from a tour of the Mid-West and guaranteed to be better than ever andif you haven’t seen them before, before to check them out as their live show is absolutely amazing–I’m certain many will leave this show as devout fans of this band, it’s the perfect venue for their sound and after weathering their recent tour, they should be at peak performance levels. What follows that will be all-out mind blowing rock’n'roll action, and certainly brazen, heavy breathing satisfaction.

KONGOS are riding high on the South African Radio charts, having recently reach the #1 spot on on the charts at TUKS FM 107.2, with their next single “Come With Me Now” following its path into the Top 40. This will be their last show in Phoenix as they they will be spending much of the Winter months touring South  Africa starting with their first gig on December 9 at Town Hall in Johannesburg! If you have not caught the KONGOS live recently you really need to check them out as they play the best of their debut album, a selection of all their recent hits andhits yet to be from their upcoming album. There is really no band out their right now that compares to their sound and the raw energy of their shows is nearly unmatched. If there is anyone that can match them, based on sheer power of moving an audience alone, Mergence would have to be that band and they are a perfect match as many have witnessed recently–I was privy to this experience at a Lost Leaf gig not to long ago that blew the roof off the house. This evening is Mergence’s gig and it is sure to hold more than a few surprises–everyone who attends will receive free downloads of two new songs. In addition you are sure to hear this amazing new double A-Sided single “Harvest/Wintertime” performed live. If you haven’t seen Mergence, now is the time, if you have, well then you already know why you keep coming back. They are a transportational rock band who mixes blues with psychedelia, desert heat with swamp laden soul, who takes their audience with them everywhere they go and rewards them endlessly with pure rock’n'roll bliss, which is really all any fan can hope from the band they follow. This night will be indelibly engraved on your memory. Tickets are $10 in advance, which I recommend as they are close to selling out.

No matter which venue you choose, or if you are brave enough to attempt to catch acts from both, this Friday will be good for everone. All links can be found below for information on these great gigs and the bands themselves. Happy 11.11.11 everyone. Now the only question that remains is on this amazing night of the valley’s indie rock,  ”Where Will You Be???”

“The Passion Of The Feist”

Long Wong’s Tempe
1639 E Apache Blvd
Tempe, AZ
Dr. Bones
Ray Kurzweil’s Face
The Dellinger Feist
Mitch Freedoms Phantasmagoria
Future Loves Past

MERGENCE 11.11.11.

The Crescent Ballroom
308 N 2nd Ave
Phoenix, AZ