Peachcake iPod Giveaway!!!

There’s never an end to the madness with the fellows from Peachcake. When their EP first came out it was a bargain at the price, then only weeks later, they gave it away free. Now, to celebrate the release of their new EP, This Wasn’t Our Plan, Peachcake is giving away free specialized Peachcake iPods throughout the rest of the year, in perfect time for the Holiday Season. The iPod will feature a complete Peachcake discography up to the latest EP, bonus video material consisting of both live videos and music videos, a Peachcake engraving, and a special message for the lucky number of those who find themselves on the receiving end of this offer. According to Peachcake frontman Stefan Pruett, “In order to potentially procure one of these babies, it’s insanely simple – one just searches Peachcake on Facebook, and likes their official page (if they don’t already), and they’ll be presented with an entry form to fill out. We’ll be drawing several winners throughout the next couple months.” If you already like Peachcake you go to their Facebook page and there is an icon on the left of the page underneath their photo that says “Win an iPod!” Click that and it will take you to the form.  Also be sure to, if you haven’t already, download the new EP for free at To find more about this offer visit:

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