SunHypnotic presents XMAS SMEECHES II

If you have tired of your Christms records at this point in the day and you are looking for something different, something that will keep with the season, but blow your mind, I might have just the answer. SunHypnotic has just released their second volume of Yuletide strangeness–XMAS SMEECHES II. In case you missed last years, I’ve included that below as well. Believe me, it actually gives your mind a break from the Carols terrorizing your head currently and numbers like Christian Science Monitor Lizard’s “Silent Night” as well as “Feliz Navidad” and Sid Walters’ “A Sublime Dradel Spin” are simply great. There is a lot of ambient, industrial and found sun fun to be had here, so do yourself a favor, put these on, pour another drink and enjoy!