TMI Rock Local Awards!!!

It’s no secret that there has been one radio station in this town that has really put its shoulder to the wheel when it comes to promoting local music in 2011. That station is 106.7 KWSS and specifically, The Morning Infidelity, which runs every weekday morning  from 6am – 10am, hosted by Beef Vegan and Shorty. Let’s face it, 2011 has been a hell of a ride when it’s come to local music–there’s been literally too much going on for any single writer or radio station to cover it all. I have friends all over the world asking me what blew my mind musically in 2011 and they sound almost disappointed when I say, “You know what, I haven’t had to look much beyond my own backyard to hear the greatest music going on…” that is until they hear it and then they get it, they hear a bit of what I get to hear everyday, every week and they understand. I can, and I already have, list off the top of my head 60 bands that easily come to mind that put to shame everything else everyone’s listening to these days.

I think KWSS has been an important part of this over the last year and I admire their spirit and their aim, which is the aim, I think of all of us who feel completely blessed with what is going on in this metropolis, musically speaking. I have roamed around, I’ve checked out the sounds coming out of other towns and it simply doesn’t compare. I think what we have to keep in mind is that this is all in good fun and if nothing else, sure the categories seem to limiting, the choices to slim–but honestly, how fucking wonderful is that ? We can actually balk at the choices a bit because we have to five to ten other bands on our mind? This is an amazing time folks, I’m glad to witness, hell, half the time it’s all that keeps me going–and if nothing ever comes of it, well, we had these years where we knew we had it aurally better than any place on the planet and we loved it and lived it and if no one else gets to share that, in the end, then they are the lesser for it and we walk away with our lives, smiling, shaking our heads and saying “Wow” to ourselves and we are the privileged ones. I have every indication that as 2011 put it’s predecessor to shame, 2012 will simply blow all our minds. With any luck, KWSS will be right there with us, playing the songs we love, shouting out the joy of our scene, singing, screaming and dancing right beside us.

Without further ado, I present the voting options for the TMI Rock Local Awards. Please vote here for your own love of local music and your favorite bands, you know, the ones that have provided the soundtrack fro the last calendar year of your life. You know who they are, might as well vote for them now. It’s not like their songs are far from you mind.

The Fifteen categories are below and they are tough choices, all:

(1)  Best Indie Song

a) Boys and Frogs – In Dreams
b) Dillinger Fiest – Different Days
c) Sister Cities – Toolbox
d) Snake Snake Snakes – We Come Out at Night
e) Sun Ghost – Photo Radar Blues

(2)  Best Hard Rock Song

a) Contrary to Reason – Fading
b) Broken Romeo – 1 in a Million
c) Shallowpiont – Lose Control
d) Idle Red – Guilty
e) Fivespeed – Radio
(3)  Best Punk Song

a) Moovalya – Wasteland
b) Chaos Playground – D.N.A.
c) Riot Act – On Edge
d) 2 Tone Lizard Kings – The Bail Song
e) Andrew Jackson Jihad – Sad Songs
(4)  Best Reggae Song

a) Fayuca – Dirty Girl
b) The Veragroove – Travelin Man
c) The Wiley One – Kill it with Love
d) Katastro – Fallen
e) Black Bottom Lighter – Words to Say
(5)  Best Jam Band Song

a) Banana Gun – Light On
b) Future Loves Past – Outsiders
c) What Laura Says – Girl Not Gonna Leave
d) Japhy’s Decent – Answer 42
e) Dry River Yacht Club – Sweaty Sax
(6)  Best Hip Hop Band song

a) Black Bottom Lighter – Words to Say
b) Cousins of the Wize – Alphabet Soup
c) The New F-O’s – Feel Good
d) Fresh Pro Duece – Hotel AZ
e) Weird is the New Cool – Beer Pong
(7)  Best Garage song

a) The Love Me Nots – Demons
b) Scorpion vs Tarantula – Short Leash
c) The Pubes – Cameltoe
d) The Hooves – Giggles
e) Strange Young Things – Dabble in the Mix
(8)  Best Electro Song

a) Peachcake – You Matter
b) A Life of Science – Prisoners No More
c) Fate of the Galaxies – Strangers
d) Lost in Atlantis – Ready to Go
e) La La Lust – Tongue Tied
(9)  Best Pop Rock Song

a) Bad Lucy – Forward
b) Saddles – The Weekend’s Water
c) High Horse – Shitty Things
d) The Wiley One – Naked
e) Jed’s a Millionaire – Alleyway Kiss
(10)  Best Alternative Song

a) MERGENCE – Dynamite & Kerosene
b) Gomi – Mascara
c) Neba – Gold
d) Kinch – Once, I was a Mainsail
e) The Broken Rhodes – Rolling Hills
(11)  Best Dance Song

a) Doctor Bones – No Good
b) Peachcake – You Matter
c) Kongos – I’m Only Joking
d) La La Lust – Tongue Tied
e) Super Stereo – Life Passed me by
(12)  Best Live Band

a) Kongos
b) Mergence
c) Kinch
d) The Love Me Nots
e) Snake Snake Snakes
(13)  Best Female Vocalist

a) Emma Pew – Black Carl
b) Courtney Marie Andrews
c) Tania Warfield – Catfish Mustache 
d) Jenny Bruce – Honey Pistol
e) Liz Rosnoski – Lost in Atlantis
(14)  Best Male Vocalist

a) Adam Bruce – Mergence
b) Kevin Ross – Banana Gun
c) Parker Jones – The Broken Rhodes
d) Joel Marquard – Gospel Claws
e) Christopher Kennedy – King Fat Hand
(15) Best Homegrown Hit

a) Kongos – I’m Only Joking
b) Mergence – Dynamite & Kerosene
c) Born Loser & the Hangers On – The Mosquito Song
d) Sun Ghost – Photo Radar Blues
e) Super Stereo – Life Passed Me By