Instructions Amazing Debut ETAOIN SHRDLU

Instructions-ETAOIN SHRDLU

It occurs to me that the more amazing the local music scene gets, the more popular it becomes, the more there will appear amazing finds upon the fringe that will rise to the top of the crop in next year’s batch of unsettled cream.  

This brings me to Instructions and while what I am talking about is their two song EP, I’m really talking about their math rock/art school aesthetic and the realization that the waves are really only just rolling in.  It’s only two songs and at first, when I was told to check them out, I wasn’t sure about  even writing about them—that was a few weeks ago and it may be only two songs, but it’s two brilliant songs that once more show more promise far beyond  their reach, but it’s difficult to get them off my mind. Math Rock was a big deal when I began investing my mind, time and money into music and while it started with seminal bands like Bitch Magnet, Slint, Bastro, Nomeansno and a few others, without its advent, I guarantee the post-rock revolution led by Radiohead would have never happened.

When I listen to Instructions two song debut ETAOIN SHRDLU I am brought back to more youthful days because this sounds fresh and exciting, beautiful and texture laden.  I thought it was a little bold and audacious to call two songs an EP, because in my mind, honestly, that’s just a single—but Instructions creates a soundscape here in these two songs and it’s clear they are laying a foundation. “Oublier” makes a sincere argument for this gilded edge, a work of both beauty and physics, complex rhythm, melody and the charm of PHX-centric lyrics like “Sky Harbor ideals” it’s a brave mess of a song that sucks you in and clearly there is a heart worn tragedy behind it all, but the charm is that it takes on a strange meaning unique to every listener. 

The flipside is “Sherlock Homeboy” and it might be more magnificent in musical aptitude or lyrical mysticism than its twin, but that may well be just because it covers more territory, exposes more landing strip as the airplane lands. This is music for the imagination and while listening to them, all I could think of was the bands I want to see them with, which means KNESSET, Future Friends of Young Americans, Tremulants and nearly every other band that explores textures in sound as it does curiosities in rhythm. Pretty Brilliant.

Download Instructions Debut Here