Factories & Ladylike Double Album Release Party!

It’s a Thurday night at the start of April and it turns out that two of the most amazing bands in town have teamed together to present a collective album release show. It seems unlikely, but electronic rock geniuses Factories will hold their release party for Together, alongside Ladylike releasing their eponymous debut. Both will be supported in their endeavors by Chasing Kings and in order to entice you to the entire splendid event, the cover will be only $5!  This means you can save money for drinks, burritos or perhaps you will think wisely and invest your money into the CD releases of two magnificent bands. I’m not too sure two bands  could be much different from each other and yet be so amazingly good in completely different directions. This should be an evening that appeals to all. On the one hand you have Factories with their album Together which is an amazng tour de’force that is quickly gathering national and international attention since it’s release last month and their trip with many others to SXSW. For more on that particular album you can read the full review HERE. On the other hand you have Ladylike with their album Ladylike, one of the most dynamic American pop/rock albums in ages that will blow minds from coast to coast as well and if you want to hear more about that album, check out this months feature in JAVA Magazine .

So, two albums as equally brilliant will come together for public celebratory release this Thursday.  Sure, you might have to be to work on Friday morning, you might think it’s a bad idea to go out, so late on a school night–but, I guarantee that the  only regret you will have on Friday  morning is if you skip it and you don’t go, when you read everything everyone else had to  say about the  amazing evening at the Crescent, how amazing Factories, Ladylike and  Chasing  Kings were, what great records were purchased and what a great time was had. You might  have to go with a little less sleep than you normally might, but believe me, it’s nothing  that coffee can’t fix come Friday morningand you will be sitting at work, sipping your wake up brew of choice, smiling brightly, just thinking  of  what you got to witness the night before. Think that’s too much of a plea? You have no idea unless you’ve seen these bands at their best. Besides, at the end of Fridays shift, you can take a nap before you have to head out for the nights adventures. Might as well start the  weekend off right  and pretend it’s a three day one. You won’t be sorry, just a littel groggy.

Factories Official Website 

Ladylike Official Website

Chasing Kings Official  Website