Wooden Indian Wants You To Spend Every Friday In April With Them…

Every now and then there is a venue residency in town that has a non-stop, mindblowing lineup all month long. This time around it’s Wooden Indian hosting every Friday Night in  April at Long Wong’s Firehouse for their ever successful FBOM series. I’ve been an avid fan of Wooden Indian since I saw them play in the dark at the ante-chamber of the Icehouse at last year’s What Laura Says release party and try to see them every chance I can get. Wooden Indian is one of the rising local bands, still on  the fringe, intent on finding new sounds and new ways to blow your mind musically speaking.  Think about them as tribal, primal indie-rock who will have you mesmerized by their endless layers of percussion and the literal madness that  is their sound–you will not regret a moment you spend with them. Now, nearly a year after I first saw them, they are filling every Friday with some of the best music around and some of the most talented bands to be found.

Wooden Indian is undertaking this venture in an effort to fund a summer tour and release  their first record, the latter of which should make it worth every Friday trip to Tempe all April long. The demos they have on their website alone are enough to make you want the yet-to-be recorded album, not to mention that every live performance I’ve ever witnessed by this crew has been a soul expanding, face melting experience of tribal, primal, eclectic proportions. They sound like no other band in  town and you owe yourself the favor of catching at least three out of the four shows listed below because it’s going to be a stellar time. Be sure to check their website for updates on the lineup as with all mercurial mindbending events, these realities are subject to change. You can also download “Expensive Fur” and “Finally Older” while you are there and get some idea of where this group is going.

APRIL 06: Wooden Indian / Future Loves Past / Tony Squid / St. Ranger

APRIL 13: Wooden Indian / Former Friends of Young Americans / Nicholas Villa & His Familiar Faces / Colorstore

APRIL 20: Wooden Indian / Monophonic Hillside / Make My Baby

APRIL 27: Wooden Indian / Yellow Minute / North Dakota/ Snow Songs

For More Information, Downloads and Everything Else, Click Here for Wooden Indian’s Home Page