Zero Zero Literally “Tear It Up”

I’ve been writing a lot about Zero Zero lately, but honestly, I can’t help myself. I’m not sure if it is because they combine everything I love about electro-pop, while maintaining a subliminal garage rock vibe or if it’s because two members of The Love Me Nots and one member of The Dead Eyes Of London (both true rock’n’roll outfits if there ever were) have sparked off into completely different directions. Last week for EchoCloud.TV  I chose their demo of “Drug” as the song of the week and before that I featured them, based on that demo alone in the July/August issue of JAVA Magazine . Like I said, I can’t help myself—and frankly, so far this new outfit is getting by on the quality of their demos alone, which says a hell of a lot about Nicole Laurenne, Johnny Michael Walker and Nick Ramirez. “Drug” was enough to get me hooked and I can’t complain about this addiction in the least, so while the Love Me Nots are on hiatus, Zero Zero more than fulfills that vacancy and it appear that this trio is having a hell of a lot of fun taking a sharp left turn from their normal direction. This is what I can only describe as “refreshing” for both the members of the band and their listeners.

Today, another song escaped from the treasure trove of the nine songs they have recorded so far for their album release in October. “Tear It Up” only backs up what “Drug” promised to deliver and raises the ante. Delivered and debuted this morning on the air of 106.7 KWSS’ TMI show with the members of the band present, “Tear It Up” was broadcast for all the valley, and technically, all the world to hear. While it hedges more to the edge of where the band members came from, in that it is insanely rooted in brilliant garage dipped rock’n’roll, there is still something about this track that defines it as uniquely Zero Zero. Certainly, the track is not as synth heavy or girl pop oriented as “Drug”,  “Tear It Up” still presents itself as a part of something wholly new for this trio—a sing-a-long, clap until your hands are sore, catchy as hell pop song with a bit of a razors edge to it. We find our heroes at the peak of their powers here. Nicole has never sound more dangerous, nor sweeter, Walker’s guitar is like a goddamn buzzsaw guiding the entire affair into its voracious maw and Ramirez pounds it out like nobody’s business.

Not unlike “Drug”, this is serious music for musicians and music geeks alike—the combination of efforts and effects, like the dreampop girly vocal bridge, the handclap track, the nearly unnoticeable synth affectations—the subtle combination of garage rock, girl pop and the slightest hint of electronic, not to mention it is catchy as all fuck! This thing is so damned hook heavy that it makes a fisherman look unprepared. Let’s face it, these three have something here—and these are just the demos. I imagine upon the album release my brain will simply explode from being so overwhelmed with hypnotic vocal histrionics, synth tricks, brilliant drummed sticks and searing guitar licks. While I know a lot of projects are waiting in the shadows from the other bands, this has stepped to the forefront as one of my most eagerly anticipated releases of the coming Autumn. We’ve already got two songs that are, and I say this with the utmost respect, merely demos which blow so much else out of the water it’s not even funny. “Tear It Up” in particular should be sent directly to Quentin Tarantino, because this seems like something that should be in his next film, should he ever make another. The game will not be over until they run you down and yes, it’s a hell of a ride. And apparently, there is plenty where this comes from.

I urge all to check this track out immediately and make it part of their music collection right next to “Drug” and realize that you are listening to what will inevitably be the soundtrack to your entire Autumn. All you need to do is click the link below to get your groove on right now. Stay tuned for details on their upcoming gigs, listening parties, release show and also keep in mind these cats will be playing the inimitable Apache Lake Music Festival. Zero Zero, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open—simply said, this gang is fucking brilliant.

Tear It Up

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