Instructions-re: sleep EP

Quick on the heels of their debut EP released last December, Instructions have released yet another brilliant two song EP. Admittedly, re: sleep is quite a bit more accessible than the ETAOIN SHRDLU release, but no less math rock intensive, no less amazing. There is a touch more pop rationale found here, but the arrangements are every bit as complex, the music every bit as unique and engaging as their debut. Instructions are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands to keep track of and track down when possible, because their live performances are easily as rewarding as their recorded work, if not more so. At this rate of release we could either have another two song EP by the end of the year or maybe a full length album, but that that may only be in this writers dreams.

The first half of this double A-sided single is called “Charlie” and seems to document the fond memories and confessional reflections on a failed relationship. The story told is one of sadful regret, but with a reflection of times both good and bad told through romanticized imaginings, musings of self destruction (scratching their eyes out) and suicide (checking out rafters). The arrangements are once more stunning, both in the sonic quality and their complexity, while the lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. “Wrong Phylum” covers similar territory lyrically, but decorated with a completely different arrangement that somehow evokes, dreamy obscure ultra-future lounge music from the 1960s and 70s, with hints of Stereolab, later High Llamas and other sprinkles of influential brilliance. “It’s not a waste of time” is the refrain here and that sums up my attitude toward Instructions—in fact they are well worth my time and yours. I cannot wait to see what this young band delivers next.

You can catch Instructions live at Long Wong’s tomorrow night when they will be assisting in welcoming Playboy Manbaby back to town , along with celebrating many birthdays, departures and whatnot—this show is loaded: Instructions, Sundressed, All My Friends, Cogito, Good Friends, Great Enemies and Playboy Manbaby. You will definitely want to hang in Tempe on Saturday night if you don’t have other plans. And as always, it’s completely free!

You can listen to Instruction re: sleep EP and download it for whatever price you name!