STEM Family Night at Crescent Ballroom

It’s no secret that this year I’ve been paying a fair amount of attention to the production work of Curtis Grippe and the work he’s been doing at STEM Recording. His work has really come to shine in 2012 and with releases to his credit by Japhy’s Descent, Banana Gun and Doctor Bones (all who have appeared in these pages) his work has joined the ranks of other local production geniuses such as Jalipaz and Bob Hoag. I don’t in anyway think this is an exaggeration and if  anyone examines my writings over the course of the last four years, it becomes clear that I hold those two producers in extremely hight esteem. I believe that Grippe is among them now, but the proof is in the recordings themselves. It seems fitting then that three-quarters through this year that a party should be thrown and what a party it shall be.

On Wednesday, September 19th Curtis Grippe and STEM Recording will present STEM Family Night at Crescent Ballroom. This will be an amazing evening of fantastic music presented by Tracey Rappa, The Black Moods, Dagnabbit Stubbs, Doctor Bones, Japhy’s Descent and Banana Gun. If you are unaware of these artists or records, you may want to do yourself a favor and first, perhaps, explore the archives of JAVA for the last six months to read about them, then check them out on line. In talking to several of these artists Grippe is revered for his work, participation and a production style that insists the band be themselves if nothing else. Grippe came to my attention alone, not through his recordings alone, though in retrospect the quality is completely clear, but through the pure joy that the bands who have worked with him expressed in their experience in the studio and the praise they would lavish upon him in interviews. There is probably no better way to celebrate such a producer and a studio than basing an evening around the artists that have so thoroughly enjoyed such an experience.

If you are unaware, STEM is not simply Grippe on his own, the entire staff is collected from seasoned musicians and veterans of the scene, some, including Grippe are very much still active around town and beyond. Grippe still plays out live locally with Dead Hot Workshop. Thomas Laufenberg is also on the roster, a former member of the Pistoleros and currently with Dead  Hot Workshop and the Persuaders, also lends his highly educated hand to the studio. Finally, Jamie Woolford is also on board—one of my favorite engineers and producers for sure (Ladylike, Source Victoria, Gomi, Sleepwalk A Robot, Super Stereo, Vanjacks, Gin Blossoms, Strange Young Things…well, you do the math). This is an event to catch, revere and enjoy!

The kicker is that the show is for free at Crescent Ballroom. An amazing midweek break is simply designed for pure enjoyment. Tracey Rappa starts things off at 7:20 and then Japhy’s Descent, Dagnabbit Stubbs, Black Moods, Banana Gun and Dr. Bones all play 30 minute sets. This will be a great evening, so plan on being at Crescent tomorrow night enjoying some great bands for free and enjoying the amazing tribe that Curtis Grippe and STEM have assembled.