Peachcake’s Unbelievable Souls Is Almost Here…

Tomorrow, September 25 Peachcake will release their long awaited and highly anticipated new album Unbelievable Souls. It’s hard to believe that it was nearly a year and a half ago that the EP teaser for the album This Wasn’t Our Plan was released, it’s also impressive that since that time they’ve been able to ride the crest of the wave found in those five songs alone. So how long will Peachcake be able to surf the waves caused by Unbelievable Souls? With fourteen songs, eleven of them new and all of them brilliant, it’s difficult to say, but this could keep them pretty busy for the next two years at the very least.  The question is, why am I talking about this album so much today, rather than tomorrow when it’s released? Well, in point of fact, if you actually order the album today you get to rake in some as of yet undisclosed rewards. First of all, if you order it on Bandcamp today, it will cost you all of $7–so right there, that’s $.50 a song, which simply can’t be beat, I can’t guarantee the price will remain the same or not, but I do know that’s a hell of a deal. Secondly, if you order it today, the last day before the official release you get the album and a whole ton of extra goodies, which include exclusive bonus tracks and re-mixes, but only if you pre-order today. So, if you are a Peachcake fanatic, I highly advise taking this route.

This album has been years in the making and comes hot on the heels of their recent single release “The World Is Our Platform To Mean Something,” yet another dream beat, hook heavy, catchy as hell dance track that will more than likely fire up the clubs of Europe all Autumn long before it becomes a staple in the States. If you caught that single release in July and you have memorized their previous EP, you still know only four out of fourteen songs, which means there are still ten more tracks for you to get your swerver on to and for most bands that’s an entire albums worth of tracks. While the likes of the new single, “Speaking Of Handouts, I Got You Something,” “Who Are These People And Why Does This Music Suck?” and of course, the ever brilliant “You Matter” are indeed fantastic songs that are as enduring live as they are on record, the album itself has so many other moments and potential singles backing it, well it’s…it’s…kind of unbelievable. The album is amazing from beginning to end, from “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic” the overwhelmingly positive opening salvo to the epic length finale of “Greatnight!” this 70 plus minutes of rarified audio air never gets boring once. All the points in between are pretty amazing, clearly the singles and preview tracks stand out, but songs like “Were We Ever Really Right?”, ”This Club Is Called Heaven”, the title track to the album and especially, what I hope is their next  single, ”The Worlds 21 Shout Salute” will simply blow your mind–not only because they will want to make you dance all day, but the intelligence behind their social commentary and the emotional aptitude that backs their sentimentality is simply well executed without being forceful. The album also get’s to show off their diversity with sonic experiments such as “In The Grips Of A Time Machine” and “The Right To Live.”

The album itself was recorded and produced by Stefan Pruett, David Jackman and Jalipaz at Audioconfusion. I hope this is one of Jalipaz’ favorite moments, because this is, in my estimation one of his greatest efforts and proves his range as a producer.  As with the preceding EP it features the core recording trio of singer/frontman/lyricist Stefan Pruett, guitar/keyboard maestro Mike McHale and beatmaster supreme David Jackman. It is an album born from adversity and diversity, the release of this album comes at quite an intense time for Peachcake as today marks five years since Pruett lost his brother and now amidst himself having heart surgery. “The album was in many ways about his passing and how it’s affected me and how I’ve dealt with it,” Pruett said. “I wanted to take that morose happening, turn it around, and espouse a message of having the ability to make your life and its inherent occurrences anything you wish, based on how you choose to deal with these varying events. Everyday things happen to us, some for better and some for worse – but we have the power to choose how we let them affect us and thus, how we let ourselves and our responses affect our world.”

All that being said, I encourage you to pre-order the album today, download it tomorrow and enjoy it for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe me, well, check out the track they posted on YouTube for one day and one day only, it’s probably my favorite song on the album, “The Worlds 21 Shout Salute”  a song about Pruett’s late brother Alex and simply one of their finest tracks of all time.  Here below you can hear the song with a special introduction by Stefan Pruett.

YouTube Preview Image

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