Zero Zero’s Live Debut and Album Release

Photo by James Patrick Photography

Throughout the summer, I found myself looking forward to Autumnal events–not for any lack of amazing events during those heated days and sweltering nights, not even in the least. No, it was because as the summer progressed, more and more events began to stack up in store for September, October, November and well into the New Year–critical, amazing, mindblowing events. Events like the Tempe Rockstar Gold Festival this past weekend at Sail Inn, the upcoming Apache Lake Music Festival or Kongos homecoming show. Another one of these events I’ve been looking forward to for months is the album release show for Zero Zero. And this is not for nothing, last month at a listening party at Film Bar I got to hear  the entire album, get my hands on it and witness the premiere of the video for “Drug.” This event only urged on the anticipation for what is to occur this Friday, October 5th at Rogue Bar when Zero Zero not only releases their debut album MAYDAY, but also makes their live debut. Needless to say, this is not an event to be missed.

There is something completely gratifying when artists go solo or spin off into another project that sounds completely unexpected and achieve magnificent results. The most recent and amazing example of this is Zero Zero. While the Love Me Nots take something of a hiatus, chanteuse Nicole Laurenne and guitarist extraordinaire Michael Johnny Walker have taken on a completely new project that may well exceed the heights of the world renown Love Me Nots. I don’t say that with any sense of hyperbole, when they only leaked their first demo track it began receiving airplay in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Berlin. If you are wondering, yes, it’s that good and nothing you would expect from the dynamic duo that has brought you the best garage rock of the last decade. The demo was of course “Drug” and it’s a brilliantly hook heavy, catchy-as-hell, electro pop dance number that somehow evokes every era of music and it’s intricacies from a Wall Of Sound feel, to the Serge Gainsbourg inspired French girl pop of the last five decades, to modern dance classics. This is both a single for music geeks and anyone that likes to sling and swing their bodies around late night dance clubs. This is pure, confectionary, electropop self-indulgence and I have a feeling that its cross-genre appeal is going to blow minds across the globe with little effort. “Drug”, and this may be the key to the song and Zero Zero’s inevitable success, possesses intellectual, emotional and physical appeal. Nicole’s vocals are dead sexy, Walker’s guitar when it appears is searing and the beat is unstoppably infectious. My prediction? By the end of the year we will all be dancing to Zero Zero’s debut and loving it.

That was just the first glance at Zero Zero, since then they premiered “Tear It Up” (on this blog, which within 23 hours of release had so many downloads that it temporarily broke this site–which may sound like bad news to most, but not to me or Zero Zero). I will, though, never forget the moment first heard Zero Zero and the demo for “Drug”, which was during a jam packed weekend night at the Sail Inn, where their publicist and dear friend Karen Walker let me listen to it through her cell phone and I was instantly hooked. Walker told me that night that the Love Me Nots were taking a hiatus to work on this project, which I was honestly doubtful about until I heard it. The Love Me Nots have a special place in my heart and in my writing, they are the second local band I interviewed and wrote about, I have every album, every EP and quite a few t-shirts thanks to The Love Me Nots. Nevertheless, the idea of taking the core of that band and adding Nick Ramirez from Dead Eyes Of London to the mix on drums absolutely intoxicated me. After listening to the full abum for the last few weeks, I was justifiably inebriated. MAYDAY is brilliant every step of the way and the tastes and teases we’ve had throughout the summer have only hinted at this amazing piece of electro-rock shock therapy, upon it, ever player shines and the vision of Zero Zero becomes clear.

This Friday, October 5th Zero Zero will release MAYDAY to the masses as well as making their live debut at Rogue Bar. This will be an amazing event as they have drawn some of the greatest support one could ask for with a show of  this magnitude. This show will feature The Madera Strand, Doctor Bones, A Life Of Science and fresh from their own album release Peachcake!  If, for whatever reason you may have, you can’t make this show Zero Zero will be performing at the Apache Lake Music Festival and follow this up on October 23 at Crescent Ballroom when they play with Palms and Magic Wands. I would encourage you to show up this Friday though, because the legendary Travis Alexander (of A Life Of Science) is moving to LA and he has declared his going away party to be at The Rogue Bar on Oct 5 at the Zero Zero Album Release Party. Come one, come all…this is an event designed for the fall.

Friday, 5 October 2012


Zero Zero’s Debut Show
and Debut Album Release of MAYDAY