2012 JAVA Feature Finale-Your Vote Counts!


2012 has been an amazing year to have the privilege to write about the music in Arizona. I wasn’t sure if anything would top 2011, but it has–many fold. This year has been a non-stop rollercoaster ride of amazing albums, brilliant EPs, some of the best shows I’ve ever seen, so many new talent has emerged, while a few favorites bid farewell–it’s been a hell of a ride. That being said, I have covered 11 albums in depth, track by track this  year and though it is only the beginning of November, I’m preparing December’s JAVA Magazine music content  now. In  doing so, I  found myself left with four amazing albums and a headful of indecision. Four pretty unique albums, each great in their own way, each demanding my attention, but I could not decide what to do–after all, there was no way I was getting eight to ten pages of JAVA to showcase this last blast on the aural wonders of 2012. My head reeled, I couldn’t decide and  then  it  came to me, out of the vapors of a brandy snifter–I won’t decide. I’ve made enough decisions for the year, some good, some bad, some easy, some quite difficult. I decided to do something I’ve never done before: I would let the readers and the fans of the bands decide who gets the final full album feature of 2012 in JAVA Magazine.

I ran the idea across facebook and got generally positive results, while some said it was a popularity contest or had other criticisms, I don’t see it that way. This  is me just having a little fun and letting other people make a decision–I can’t wait to see how it turns out and who I will be writing about next week for the December issue. All four albums are deserving, the artists are all great and in the end, I will almost assuredly write about all four of them, but this next month’s issue is all  yours, those who read my stuff and those who love these bands and the local music community that surrounds them. So let’s have some fun and vote for the album you’d most like to read about next month in JAVA. At the bottom of the post is the link to the official survey, it closes next Monday at 11:59pm, you have until to get your vote in or encourage others to vote as well. And the nominees are…

 A Life Of Science-Crystal City

 A brilliant science fiction slab of electronic rock, the last in a trilogy of albums concerning  the adventures of our hero Jon and his desperate attempt to save the world. Quick on the heels of  its predecessor Vita Nova, we will finally get the answers we’ve been  seeking  and the conclusion we’ve wanted since The Apneist was released. This is but one portion of the multi-media project that is A Life Of Science, which also includes novels, comic books, animation, videos and so much  more, the breadth of which is almost exhausting to contemplate. Will Jon save the world? Will he find a long lost love? It all ends here and the results are pretty fantastic.

 The Oxford Coma-Adonis

Somewhere late last year I was looking for something new, some different  kind of sound around town and this  led to me, literally walking and light railing constantly across Phoenix and Tempe in  search of something new and different. Around that same time Billy Tegethoff contacted me and let me know about his band The Oxford Coma, he sent me the early tracks for their debut EP and invited to their debut show. The tracks were cool, like nothing else going on, dancing  that thin line between heavy alternative and metal–I loved it and their first show was amazing. I was sold. Nearly a year later and The Oxford Coma are set to release their first full length album Adonis. Trust me,  it’s amazing.

 The Technicolors - Listener

 When The Technicolors new album Listener came out last July, I was almost mad at myself, because JAVA was booked nearly to the end of the year. To my enjoyment, the album is getting a re-release next week in the form of Listener Deluxe which is available on vinyl or digital download, with exclusive extra tracks. This album is simply amazing from beginning to end and the acoustic versions included with the Deluxe edition are striking in how far away they stray from the originals. Mod influenced rock with a Britpop sheen and a serious turn of the century grit to it–this has body and substance, a rollicking adventure that your mind enjoys riding.

Terrible People – Wireless Generation

It was over two years ago that Cary Miller excitedly played me the demo of “Bill Murray” in his van after a Dearspeak/Tobie Milford show  at the Icehouse Tavern. It was the first time I met him and we excitedly talked about the song and music in general for what seemed like hours. Since that time I have gotten  the unique opportunity to listen  to the  album that would house that  first single evolve, grow from demos and become something quite great. I have, literally, been waiting for this album for two years and now it has finally been delivered.  A pure rock’n'roll jaunt through America and an angular look back at it, this is where Nirvana and the Pixies left off and now where Terrible People have picked up without sounding backdated in any way. Amazing.

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