And The Winner Is…

…The Technicolors – Listener (Deluxe Edition)…

I can’t deny this has been exciting to watch. For the last week I’ve watched the survey and the votes rolling in on my blog and on the Facebook event I posted every day. A week before starting this voting process, I had posted the idea in some choice places, indicating I had four albums I was listening to and inviting more–oddly, at the time no one mentioned additions to the poll that I hadn’t written about already.  Once the voting began, suddenly there were great suggestions for additional albums by the likes of iamwe, Wizards of Time and Wooden Indian. In retrospect, I probably would have included those three albums as well, but I’m not sure it would have affected the results very much. Including those, all seven albums are pretty amazing in their own right and I truly respect all of the artists behind everyone of them. That being said, there were two bands that were way ahead of the rest and  one band that in the last 72 hours of the race took the lead and kept going straight until midnight last night. That band was obviously The Technicolors and their amazing Deluxe Edition re-release of Listener. For those who need to know, want to know, have to know–here are the numbers for the poll, combining the official survey, as well as comments on my previous post and votes turned in on the Facebook event:

The Technicolors-Listener (Deluxe Edition): 341
The Oxford Coma-Adonis: 185
Terrible People-Wireless Generation: 26
A Life Of Science-Crystal City: 19
Wooden Indian-Color Is Work: 19
Wizards of Time-Will The Soft Curse Plague On?: 2
iamwe-Run Wild: 2

It somehow seems appropriate that The Technicolors would claim the top spot in the polls on the very day that Listener is re-released in it’s “Deluxe” format. You can click on the link below to buy any of six variations of the re-release through their  website. Listener is an immaculate collection of BritPop soaked mod-rock, accented by a searing American vision of reimagined psychedelic magnificence, and it is well worth both your time and your money. In addition to the excitement surrounding this poll, which means they will be the featured album review in the December 2012 issue of JAVA Magazine, the excitement of this amazing re-launch for one of  the best albums of the year, there is even more excitement in store for fans of The Technicolors this Friday. November 16th, The Technicolors will be joining Mergence and KONGOS at the Crescent Ballroom, for one of the most spectacular lineups possible for three bands in  Phoenix. This show will be a non-stop rock and roll, all out sweat inducing, fever raging, sound blazing, mind blowing event from beginning to end. I would advise if you are even remotely interested, that you buy your tickets now and show up early, because there is a good chance this will sell out and you’ll have to spend the next few months listening to your friends talk about this show.

In addition to all  of these amazing  things, you will be able to catch The Technicolors live with the morning  The Morning Infidelity crew on KWSS 106.7 this Friday morning, which should be a great time to listen in to what has to be your favorite morning music show by now. Finally, if you are hard-pressed to afford the show, or get a copy of Listener Deluxe on vinyl–you can catch me on KWSS 106.7 tomorrow night on Driving With Gass with Kevin Gassman and Cindy Love, talking about the sounds around town this weekend, the Crescent Show that will melt your soul and we will be giving away two tickets to the show as well as a copy of Listener on vinyl to one lucky winner.

For all of the bands that were featured in this poll, I want to thank you for the amazing music and the ability to actually even do something like this. Rest assured all of the albums that appeared in the poll will get their recognition through all the various outlets I write for in one way or another, I have already been planning this since the results were finalized late last night. I would also like to thank the nearly 600 people who participated in this event–I cannot thank you enough for stepping up and recognizing the bands you love. Stay tuned for more information about the articles that will come from this,  as well as a party in the works to celebrate all of these bands, this musical election and the final issue of JAVA for 2012.

Buy The Technicolors Listener (Deluxe Edition) Now!

Buy tickets now for The Technicolors/Mergence/Kongos show at Crescent Ballroom