Dogbreth Get’s Out!

While they are fresh off of a massive tour of the US and Canada, with Strip Tantrum and Drainbow, Dogbreth has also recently released their second EP Get Out, the power pop follow up to last year’s full length Chookie. On this short and sweet four song EP they evoke a homespun Weezer sound with quick and heavy guitars—think if Rivers Cuomo had stuck to the Pinkerton era sound and stayed there. That is to say, it’s pretty brilliant and every bit as catchy. Dogbreth has a consistent sound which will haunt you because they’ve got a knack with hooks and a pop punk (err…pup punk according to the band) way of looking at the world. Recorded by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion, this new 7” EP evokes the feeling of singles and bands that flowed out of Athens, GA in the early 1980s.

“Guest House” opens the EP with chiming guitars and just a great sound that’s all too unfamiliar these days, “How could such a small space take so long to clean out, and how could such a shitty place clean me out for so long.” A brilliant paean to wanting to leave a place where you don’t want to live and you can’t afford. Though it’s not even two minutes long, “Blockhead” has a touch of surf guitar in the mix, with vocals loose and just an amazing construction in general, it’s difficult to shake it off even days after you’ve played it a few times. It reminds one of when music was fun and didn’t really have to mean anything. “Flip It” is probably the most lyrically impressive about trying to avoid a negative, abusive person, but with a lingering hope—“Your broken heart’s a broken record, so flip it around.” The finale is “Autopilot” a brilliant analysis of people who see so many different things in the same way and the desire not to be like that. Though Get Out clocks in at less than ten minutes it’s a fun way to spend those ten minutes and another great addition to Dogbreth’s growing discography.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, be sure to hit Trunk Space on Monday, December 3rd at 7:30 PM to enjoy the sounds of Dogbreth, erstwhile partners in crime Rough Tough Dynamite, Treasure Mammal and Math  the Band, for an amazing All Ages show. If all  of this sounds slightly weird to you, get out of your element and look for some opportunities to grow.

Listen to Get Out by Dogbreth Here!