One Last Special Evening With Colorstore

There is little doubt about the loss this city experienced with the death of Mark Erickson, this past September, in anyone’s mind, he was a brilliant artist, musician, poet and loving father. He was many things to many people, but most of all, he was uniquely Mark Erickson, quirky, funny, always grinning that grin of his and continually confusing his company if he was serious about anything he said. So it was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to someone who, for some time and across three amazing albums was a staple of the artistic and musical community. Across 8 years and  a total of four releases Colorstore enlivened and challenged the scene. If it was not for Colorstore, I may well have never decided to continue writing about local music.

This Saturday, December 8, his band Colorstore will have a final performance in honor of Mark Erickson at FilmBar in Phoenix. This will also be the release night for the vinyl version of Colorstore’s final album, the brilliant Afire. This is sure to be a special evening with amazing performances from Colorstore, ROAR and Treasure Mammal. Friends and former members of Colorstore will be joining in on the performance, including Mike Devine, David Marquez, Ryan Breen, Abe Gil and Owen Evans.

The price of admission is $10 which will be donated to Mark’s beautiful children Sophie and Jack. This admission price will also get you your choice of Afire on vinyl or CD. Please be sure to get tickets early as space is limited and be a part of this celebration of the life and work of Erickson as well as putting your money toward the good cause of assisting his children’s future. In one act of generosity you can help memorialize the past and honor the future. You can purchase tickets in advance at or at Stinkweeds.

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