Sundressed In All Their Splendor!

“Honestly speaking, I’m thinking of drinking again, not like before, but more like a gentleman,” begins the debut, eponymously titled EP from Sundressed. It is a great start to a great EP, that plays like an indie rock confessional romp through a genre bending sextet who describes themselves as “happy sad indie folk rock.” The description of which does not fall short of the mark—as much uplifting pop awareness as, emotional or intellectual consternation, Sundressed puts on a pretty amazing set of songs here. Beyond “That Same Wishing Well,” the follow up track, “Golden Boy” invites female vocal accompaniment that only serves Sundressed for the better on all levels—“No small talk, straight to the point…I guess I’m not your golden boy, you’re not the one I knew before, so I’ll remember for who you were.” Brilliant. “Tattoos” is pure pop, golden bliss in the sense of melancholic sentimental rock that evokes sounds as far apart as The Housemartins to the vague sensibility of The Smiths—jaunty uplifting pop with lyrics that describe horrible happenings.

This is a trend that needs to be revived—music that contradicts the sound with the lyrical content. On “King  Baby Blues” this streak of discordian pop sensibility continues and with perhaps, stronger, albeit more commercial effect. Honestly this is the kind of stuff that fuelled the entire UK in the 1980s and what the Mountain Goats aspire toward now, but frankly, Sundressed just does it better. “You don’t sing the blues, the way I want you to, and you don’t keep your time, the way that I keep mine”—as lyrically clever as they are musically. The finale, “Dine On Me” is an epic length cinematic masterpiece, that makes one realize they have their finger on the pulse of one angle of the beginnings of alternative music and indie pop—self deprecating, reflective lyricism that makes your soul ache, with shiny uplifting music that makes your body leap. I’m not sure there is a better combination. The great news is that they are working hard on their new record for all of us to enjoy in 2013.  The even better news is that they are headlining an amazing show this Tuesday.

This Tuesday nights show at the Crescent might as well be called “The Next Wave Of Greatness.” Four amazing, emerging bands are brought together under the auspices of Tempe Starving Artist producing a power packed lineup: Sundressed,  All My Friends, Huckleberry, and Good Friends Great Enemies! This is THE place to be Tuesday night and with all of these bands having released records this year (Sundressed, All My Friends, Good Friends Great Enemies) or having releases in the works for 2013 (Huckleberry, Sundressed) this will be an evening of pure excitement. The doors open at 7pm with tickets starting at $6, which is a pretty good price for four band that just might blow your mind. Not sure about what you’ll see? Check out the links below.

Sundressed Bandcamp

All My Friends Bandcamp

Good Friends Great Enemies Bandcamp

Huckleberry Website