Bison Island Emerges From Hibernation?

Bison Island (formerly The Dellinger Feist) has slightly retooled, rearranged their lineup a bit and released their debut EP last May at a celebratory show at the Yucca Tap Room. Self-described as “Psychedelic Dance Pop” that description pretty much says it all about their five song release and their live show. Bison Island consists of Brian Dellinger, Brian Boyer, Chelsea Dellinger (that’s 3/5 of Kirkwood Dellinger’s original lineup), Ira Deaton and newly added Brianna Wolfgang. Smack in the middle of the EP is the 106.7 KWSS Homegrown Hit “Different Days” which is one of the best tracks Dellinger has ever written. That is until you get to “Take It All” which is a brilliant funky little number that has a great hook and should be pursued as their next local hit with all their energy, with brilliant lyrics like “And you’ve always insisted that you are the first listed to receive the embrace and sweat skin of the beast.” This is short dreamy dance pop, that would lend itself easily toward an epic remix project.

While some of the songs are more hit-worthy than others, there is not a bad track amidst the five. “Ascending Suns” is a great introduction to their unusual sound and has become a recent live favorite. Their sound is consistent and their lyricism comes off as personally confessional while painted in psychedelic imagery. It becomes apparent Brian Dellinger has a quite hand at writing catchy three minute pop songs, from tunes like “Something New To Know” all the way to the amazing finale “The Old Fashioned Way.” This is a band to keep your eye and ear on, I hope to see them to put an album out in the near future where they unleash the entire band and really let loose—reflecting the power of their live shows. Anyone that was witness to their release party could see the potential for a funky, dance pop explosion.

Your chance to see Bison Island is this Sunday at an amazing event held at the Crescent Lounge. TMI The Morning Infidelity on KWSS 106.7FM Presents: A LIFE OF SCIENCE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY with Zero Zero, decker., Bison Island & Sean Watson. A Life Of Science will release Crystal Cities in fine fashion, Zero Zero will perform their new Christmas song with Melody from PALMS, everyone else will be typically brilliant and a grand time will be had by all. And yes, I guarantee that last part.

A Life of Science
Zero Zero
Bison Island
Sean Watson