Future Loves Past present Our Solar System

For the entire time I’ve known them, I  have wondered (in much the same way I spend nights staring up at the stars) what the debut album would from Future Loves Past would hold in store for its loyal listeners. This past Spring musical architect and late night home studio whiz Eric Palmer began sending me tracks that he had just completed at 4am and I was stunned—this raised the ante even  more, but I had no idea what it could all be possibly be leading toward. Then some weeks ago, bassist Sean Wintrow made it clear when he sent me twelve demo tracks of Our Solar System—a concept album that literally encompasses the entire corner of the universe we call home, from the Sun outward all the way to Pluto. Now the word on the street, well actually from the wonderful folks at 80/20 Records is that  this will actually be their second album, the first being the familiar standard set collection, with a mind toward a third concerning a Spirit Animal concept (of which one song has already been leaked in it’s early stages). That in mind, 2013 could be a hell of a year for one of my top five local bands.

The concept is breathtaking, merely in its ambition alone, but the demo tracks reveal that Future Loves Past are more than up to the task. In line with being sent the tracks, Future Loves Past also successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign that would assist in helping them complete the finished recording of their first album. Imagine, if you would, SMiLE-era Beach Boys tackling the same subject, but with a bit more groove and funk than they could ever achieve. If you can wrap your head around that, that’s what is in store for all of us. Clearly, the well known and often played track “Earth” is an early centerpiece, but the works centered around all of the celestial bodies are pretty impressive and clearly intonate the oft associated vibe of each one (the glorious warmth of “Sun”, the shimmering beauty of “Venus”, “Mars” as the God of War, yes each song  is that brilliantly thought out). The release earlier this month of the twin singles “Mercury” and “Saturn”, both receiving heavy rotation on KWSS 106.7, have been but a teaser for the approaching main event. Since the demos have been sent my way a new song in recognition of the “Asteroid Belt” has been added to the set and with Future Loves Past, it is always the unknown quantities I am interested in, so at least there  is one surprise in store.

This Saturday, for the first time, we will get to hear this amazing work, December 29th at the Sail Inn, Future Loves Past will play Our Solar System in its entirety live. The tagline for this evening best suggests the importance of  this event: “Our sun, worshiped by countless cultures throughout history. The planets and celestial bodies suspended in its orbit, named for the gods that rule life on Earth, they impose their influence on human existence from their heavenly thrones. We hang in the balance, floating in their midst, grasping toward the outer reaches of our place in the Universe. Our home, our sanctum, our Solar System…Our most visually and aurally spectacular show to date. Performed for the first time live in its entirety, when the sun is in Capricorn.” They will be joined by Wizards Of Time, Some Magical Animal, Avery, and All My Friends for this special evening. This won’t be just about music, though it will be their best show of the entire year, this will be a galactic spectacular involving body painted models, anthropomorphic representations of heavenly bodies, choreography, limited edition t-shirts and posters will be given away, those who dress in Sci-Fi costumes will be given free CDs–here is a band going all out to support their vision. This evening is not to be taken lightly, until you are there, then you can dance your ass off to the planets and ensure you have a safe ride home–I have a feeling that this performance will only lead to tripping the light fantastic and crossing a threshold where safety and preservation may want to be considered beforehand. Not because I doubt your good intentions, but because I know for a fact you will find yourself completely immersed and disoriented by the entire night. Do not miss this amazing event!

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