Rocking In The New Year!

Clearly, I write about a lot of music–a lot of local music of all genres, categories and styles, but when it comes down to it, my soul completely belongs to rock’n'roll. There is no way around it, while I enjoy so many varieties of music, so many genres and sub-genres, what really moves me more than anything else is pure rock’n'roll. This is, in a sense, my religion. I make no bones about it and I’m constantly seeking it out, constantly looking throughout the local scene for authentic rock. It seems that while there is a lot of great music in this town of ours (so much so that documenting it is becoming a full time job in and of itself), there seems to be a lack of pedal to the metal, balls to the wall, world shattering, face melting rock’n'roll. There’s a lot of “indie rock” and “power pop” and “” and “electronica” and any number of “folk fusions” or “psychedelic jam bands” but they don’t quite add up to “ROCK.” That being said, there are bands that do indeed rock. I posted my quest on Facebook for pointers toward true rock and while I got some I was already well aware of (The Love Me Nots, Japhy’s Descent and Doctor Bones to name a few) someone mentioned Dead Eyes of London. I listened to some of their stuff online and I was suitably impressed–then at the start of this month I finally got to see them and my mind was completely blown. Not only were their originals brilliant, but their carefully selected covers were insanely good. I had found my new favorite local rock’n'roll band.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do on New Years Eve was to bring it in with the annual show at the Yucca Tap Room with The Love Me Nots. Every year this chance has evaded me–either I had to work or some other obligation has prevented me from attending, but not this year. At the eleventh hour my vacation was approved and I was free to finally enjoy this yearly event presented by one of the greatest garage rock bands going right now. It makes it extra special that for much of the last half of the year The Love Me Nots have been on something of a hiatus, while Nicole Laurenne and Michael Johnny Walker have been concentrating on their new amazing project Zero Zero. I was thrilled when I discovered their New Years Eve show would still be happening this year and thrilled even more to find at the last moment I was able to score the night off. The icing on the cake? The Dead Eyes of London will be opening the show and furthermore, fellow likeminded bands The Sex and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (from LA) will be joining in this New Years cavalcade. This shows so important they’ve even had to create three different flyers. This is where I will be. This will be a great time. And if you have a penchant for rock’n'roll in the same way I do, you should probably just plan to be there–this will be non stop action from beginning to end.