TMI’s Top Twenty for 2012

This morning on KWSS 106.7 The Morning Infidelity played their top twenty for 2012 based on spins, requests and feedback throughout the year. SoundsAroundTown loved the list so much that we thought we would share what our favorite morning radio show picked as the best and brightest sounds of 2012. You can click on the band names below to lead you to each ones Facebook profile, then you can like them, love them, do what you want with them. Thanks so much to KWSS 106.7 and the crew at TMI for rocking local–2012 would not have been the same without your amazing and continuous support of the local music scene. And as always, though it’s been said, many times, many ways, by many people: Fuck Beef Vegan!

#20 The Wiley One – UFO Man
#19 Gospel Claws – Teenage Kicks
#18 Bad Lucy – Knife
#17 A Life of Science – Phantom’s Descend
#16 Zero Zero – Drug
#15 All My Friends – Anything
#14 Doctor Bones – Take Me Home
#13 Reubens Accomplice – I Love you, but I’m Tired
#12 The VeraGroove – Eastside
#11 Black Bottom Lighters – Right Time
#10 Future Loves Past – Mercury
#9 Palms – Oasis
#8 Ruca – Hands Off
#7 Snake! Snake! Snakes! – The Outsider
#6 Zero Zero – Tear It Up
#5 Banana Gun – Shake
#4 MERGENCE – Harvest
#3 The Technicolors – Sweet Time
#2 Japhy’s Descent – Answer 42
#1 KONGOS – I Want To Know