decker. Headlines SXSW Benefit Show

Brandon Decker relocated to Sedona over four years ago to find room for his thoughts, his music and his songwriting. In that time he has toured relentlessly with his ensemble band decker. and issued three releases on his on his own Mescal Porch Records. The most recent release is a seven song EP called Broken Bells, Broken Bones and as with the previous releases of Long Days and Long As The Night it is once again brilliant soul searching music that explores the conflicts of his own mind and heart, between the difference of reality and dreams in a tight Americana conception that defies most genre pigeonholing. decker. is not quite folk, not quite country, maybe acoustic roots rock might describe this inspiring blend of amazing music that he seems to be able to continually produce and perform live with seeming ease.

This is the kind of music you want to take with you on a hike or a drive north, this is music to enjoy in the wilderness, comforting satisfying music to mellow out your mind on days when you might be trapped in your busy city life and you just need a few minutes to get away. His records are like a soul soothing country breeze blowing through your consciousness. Next time you can catch them live in town, it’s an amazing spectacle featuring somewhere between 7-10 people on stage, creating an anachronistic atmosphere that transports you from you current time in space.

This Wednesday, January 8, decker. will be headlining the second All AZ TMI Radio Showcase For SXSW joined by Jared and The Mill, Sara Robinson and The Midnight Special, The Wiley One and PALMS at Crescent Ballroom. Not only that, but decker.’s fourth album Slider will be available February 26th…and believe, me after getting my first taste of that album today, if you like the music below, Slider will absolutely blow your soul wide open.

To find out more about decker. be sure to check out their official website!