The Wiley One Kills It With Love Again!

The Wiley One is becoming pretty reliable for putting out great video art to match the magic of their music–let’s consider last summers “UFO Man” which made magnificent use of marionettes to tell the outer space story of the song in brilliant fashion, for instance. I’m not sure I’ll be completely satisfied until there is a video for every song from last years amazing sophomore release Kill It With Love–not only because I love that album completely, but because each video  just get’s better and better. Released just today is the newest in a line  of videos from this unique band of visionaries, the  video for the title track to the album and the subject of an upcoming remix EP, set to drop on February 14th, exactly a year after the release of the album. I’ve heard many of the remixes and they’re killer–they will also embed this song so deep into your mind that  the song will play every time you put a hoody on or walk through a storm, but I think that’s acceptable. It’s certainly one of the best songs on the  album and that’s saying something coming from an album where your favorite track is damned difficult to pick (alright, well mines “Shallow Water”, but I have been playing it weekly for well over a year, so I’ve had a fair time to decide).

Still, how do you up the ante on the puppet show from their last video premiere? Apparently, you invite speed drawing artist Nathan Shields to the show to create an amazing, very nearly animated video that conveys the underlying emotions and meaning of the song by emphasizing both the imagery of the song and  the lyrics. It impresses upon the viewer and the  listener, everything the song contains–I felt like  I already saw the video, because it’s very nearly what I imagine everytime I listen to the song.  It’s truly a song about letting love, hell, almost forcing love to conquer all the negativity, the darkness that surrounds you in life–ever reaching toward the positive in pursuit of a higher mine, in pursuit of the light, despite the storm, despite all that might  bring you down, despite all that may remind you of loss. It is one of my favorite tracks they’ve ever done, certainly one of the most infectious and as I’ve said before, it “is the track that’s got the deepest investment in hip-hop and a groove that can’t be denied. It’s a street savvy number that may well show best the diversity and flexible range that could easily make The Wiley One the next big thing.” Without further ado, let’s enjoy the speed drawing perfection of Nathan  Shields and the amazing music of The Wiley One in their video for “Kill It With Love.”

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Stay tuned for a ton of exciting news about The Wiley One’s releases and upcoming shows, they have a lot in store for us in 2013.

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