Singles Going Steady – January In Review

Only one month into the  New Year and there is a hell of a lot going on in our music community. We’ve already had five record release shows, an unbelievable amount of amazing shows (shows that made me want to make this a paying gig so I could write about each and every epiphany I had in January) and even more records released whose release shows appear to be in waiting for the  opportune time.  Still, there were a few singles that I couldn’t find time to cover–granted this is mostly due to my immune system failing against the cold weather and lack of time consumed by bedrest. Nevertheless, January 2013 will prevail as one of the finest months so far to start of a year in local music. Here are but four singles released to the masses that should be noteworthy and definitely further proof that we not only have a diverse sound in Arizona, but some amazing artists within our reach. Here are some highlights of the January release extravaganza in order of appearance, should I have missed any, that I haven’t written about elsewhere, be sure to email me and let me know.

Dry River Yacht Club – “Pockets Full of Gold”

While the “A” Side of “The Legend Of El Tigre” garnered most of the attention in the twin song release of Dry River Yacht Club’s newest release to the world (see my review HERE) , lest we not forget the “B” side “Pockets Full of Gold.” These are the first two songs released by River Jones Music who recently added DRYC to their ever growing and impressive roster. While “The Legend Of El Tigre” is certainly more accessible and clearly more radio friendly based on length alone, “Pockets Full of Gold” has been a long term live favorite of fans of the band and it’s definitely nice to finally have it down on record. From it’s slow seductive approach with strings building one on one, each coming in upon the other until Garnet’s distinctive vocal and a basing drum beat invite all the instruments of this magnificent collective to join in. At nearly six minutes long, this is more the DRYC that you’re used to and the one you’ve heard all along–while “El Tigre” definitely has the solid flare of the radio single, this brings you back home to every show you’ve seen in the  last year. The best thing about this song is that it is the perfect compliment to its A-Side and for my money, if  this is any hint of the album from Dry River Yacht Club that is up next–it will simply be the best thing  they have ever recorded, because they have now reached an epic level of performance and talent.

Ex-Ghost (Featuring Nicole Laurenne) – “Kisses”

In the same universe in which A Life Of Science exists, so to does a DJ and musician referred to as Ex-Ghost. The first exciting, original release of Ex-Ghost features none other than Nicole Laurenne of local darlings Zero Zero and The Love Me Nots presenting the amazing single “Kisses” with lyrics written by Laurenne and Karen Walker (publicist for Zero Zero) and music written by Laurenne and Ex-Ghost. The combination of all of these elements is pretty astounding. “You can have my kisses, but you’ll never get my heart…” turns into a dizzying, dance if you’ve got a freaking soul affair quickly and I truly hope this is something that becomes a live performance number, perhaps in sets by Ex-Ghost/A Life Of Science/Zero Zero in the near future, because the potential of this track blows my mind, whether it get the Zero Zero guitar/drum treatment or the space age A Life Of Science treatment or stays exactly as it is with Ex-Ghost spinning it madly. It’s a tremendous song and a single I find fondness for, if for no other reason because it’s club ready and I can totally picture this popping up in a Euro club and driving the crowds wild…this is also fodder for endless remix material which is ALWAYS a good sign. I’ll be very interested to see what happens to this track as time  goes on and in the  meantime, enjoy it for everything it is right now.


PALMS- “Don’t Go”

Hell, I don’t know what to say about PALMS that I haven’t said already–I  mean  they didn’t exist a year ago, now  they’ve got four amazing songs out and their live shows are just phenomenal events in which the  entire band draws you in. Normally, with someone as beautiful as Melody fronting the band you would think your attention would not veer from that centerpiece, but in the case of PALMS (not unlike Zero Zero AKA hypnotizing lead woman, fascinating band) you find yourself watching Spike, Anthony and Derek just as much because they are so amazingly “together” that your eyes dart in disbelief between the chanteuse, the rhythm section and that fabulous guitar. This song is one of my favorites of this year so far and like everything else PALMS does, each show is better than the last, each song released steps it up a notch, I’m honestly not sure what I’ll do when they release a full length album, but I will admit that I’ll allow my soul to explode as that is what I fully expect from this band in their short existence so far. I feel my heart pounding for the anticipation of the next double sided single PALMS releases, for the next taste of what they have going next. This replaced, in recent performances, my live favorite of “Dirty Little Knees” and I didn’t know what it was called until the day before its release, when I heard it, I remembered fondly standing  in the crowd thinking, “Holy fuck! This is even better than the last song of theirs I loved.” I can’t even imagine where they’ll be a year from now, but I hope they’re thinking about some side stages at Coachella, and by that, I mean playing them, not attending them.


Blaque Panther Disco- “Pommes Frites”

I have been waiting for Blaque Panther Disco to put out a single for a long, long time–keep in mind this is in modern Phoenix time standard, so it could have only been six months, could have been a year, but things are moving fast in this town these days. “Pommes Frites” has been exclusively released on and  it is another genius dance single out of the Valley of the Sun. This should be no surprise since half of Blaque Panther Disco is local DJ extraordinaire William “Fucking” Reed. While Elise Welch delivers lyrics solely in French the beats and synths carry on a wonderful aire of the 1980s. This is a refreshing breath of dance air that collaborates modern aspects to that which we used to call post-modern dance music, which may in turn makes this ultra-modern dance music I suppose, in some capacity. Regardless of the classification, this is luxurious music to drown yourself within and it feels the same way dance music used to feel at it’s height, where it was both a cerebral and physical experience at once. For an even bigger treat you can check out the Gemini Bros mix of this song, which is a dizzying 5.1 ascent into a completely lovely madness. William Reed was brilliant as a hand in remix artists Strobes, but apparently being involved with a duo involving only him and Welch has put his talent to the fore. This will be something to watch evolve in 2013 with a sharp ear and a tasteful eye.

Listen to Blaque Panther Disco Here!!!