Bad Lucy Amazes Again and Again…

I can’t be everywhere at once and chances are with the number of albums I receive weekly, I can’t catch all the ones I should. One of the bands that I have definitely shown up late for the show is Bad Lucy.  I had started seeing their name on bills last Spring and I after I see a band featured enough with other bands enough, I know there’s got to be something to it. This is the  case with Bad Lucy and since catching them the first time, I’ve seen them every chance I can get. Their debut self-titled studio EP was released last April and admittedly, it’s took me to last November to get a hold of it and fall in love with it—to the point it’s been on near daily rotation since J. Miller handed me a copy himself. After living with the EP that long, I am eagerly anticipating a full length album by Bad Lucy that I can simply immerse myself in, an album that holds together as well as this EP–and I truly think they have the vision and talent  to do it. Produced, engineered and recorded by Bob Hoag himself at Flying Blanket (the man also appears on the album as well), this is yet another tassle in his cap, but he would most likely only humbly remark something along  the lines that “The boys did it all themselves, I just got it down.” It is one of my favorite EPs of last year and though I refuse to tally my local music loves into an annual list, I do know for a fact that it was one of the most played and I only had it for two months of 2012. Bad Lucy simply walks a line designed by all the influences they love, without regard to any trends, this is music from the heart and in truth, it pretty easy on the ears, hooks that will have you smiling, deeper impressions  that will have you thinking, this is one of the most consistent recordings of last year.

It’s clear that lead singer and songwriter J. Miller wears the influences of Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams on his sleeve, through his pen and in his voice—but, one of the differences is he has the talent and vision to back it up, not to mention Alex Khyn and Alex Lee, providing the perfect backdrop on every song. Bad Lucy creates in five songs an atmosphere, evoking a worldly view from a desert perspective that calls upon classic story folk expressions (“Hallelujah” ), imaginings (“Forward”), harrowing blues balladry (“The Only Thing”) alternative pop anthems (“Weather”) and pure indie rock brilliance (the single ready “Knife”).  In a short time it’s become one of my favorite EPs of the year and in that same time, Bad Lucy has become one of my favorite bands to catch live. Be sure to check out their Bandcamp site where you can purchase the EP for only $5 and pick up the five song Live At Hotel Café EP for free, which features an amazing cover of Ryan Adams’ “Come Pick Me Up.” Bad Lucy’s sound is one of an emerging movement of talented musicians and groups that I would certainly like to see play together more, artists whose sounds dance upon the fence between rock’n'roll and classic country–that delicate Gram Parsons balance. Bad Lucy should find a stage more often with Andrew Duncan Brown, Huckleberry, Lauren Farrah, Mill’s End and a few others finding this unique angle that immerses this listener into lovely thought wanderings steeped in deep Americana.

Be sure to catch Bad Lucy this weekend–it appears their Winter hibernation has ended and  they are back in action. This weekend they will be attending SplashArtisans SXSW fundraiser at Rogue Bar with Danger Paul, Captain Squeegee, The Hourglass Cats and Andrew Duncan Brown. This is an amazing lineup and promises to be an amazing evening and your money will go to a worthy cause  of getting  some of our local favorite bands to Austin for  this amazing opportunity. You can listen to all the reasons why you should be at this show below, based on the sounds of Bad Lucy alone.