High Horse-Samples of Examples

I almost think this should be called 23 Minutes Over Phoenix. It is a brilliant lo-fi recording of all that is great in Arizona and it absolutely brings me to my roots. Any band that can squeeze nine songs into 23 minutes instantly has my affection, in this case, it’s High Horse, who already has my affection. If you don’t know, this is the side project of the brothers Goodman of Necronauts. High Horse is Billy & Dale Goodman with Phoenix music veteran Mike Upsahl  (Stereotyperider) on board as well. Their brand of indie rock is nothing short of brilliant—and this release takes them just a bit further than their debut. The concept is simple: Billy on guitar, Dale on drums and Mike on keys, with all of them singing. This is high energy music for everyday people who want a little more out of life. This is how I like my indie rock, grinding chiming guitars, pounding drums, vocals straining within their range and maddening dashes of keys throughout, all at a breakneck speed.  High Horse makes me happy, plain and simple.

Whether it’s the opening fun of “Bureau Of Gland Management” to the pop hooks of “Sundays Best” or the math rock madness of “Serve The Cervix” –High Horse has outdone their debut in spades. “ID 10 T” keeps the noise and harmony together with brilliant flair, “Satellites” begins with magnificent thunderous drum rolls and “Respect Neglect” is practically sunshiney pop at its running time hitting less than two minutes, but it’s infectious as all hell. “Stab On” and “Doll Hairs” continue in this manner and by the end this is one of my favorite releases early on in the year. The icing on the cake is, for me, a cover of Joy Division’s “No Love Lost,” which is the longest track on the record—I got a preview of this track over a year ago and have been begging for them to put it out in some official form. I got my wish and couldn’t be more pleased—I love Joy Division, but I think they topped them here. You don’t have to take my word for it though, you can listen to the entire thing below. If you dig it, I suggest you do something about  it. Now get thee to the Yucca Tap Room tonight to soak up this splendor with support from The Bovine Fury, Couches, C. Thomas Warmuth, LI XI and Ash Reiter.