Sasquanaut-The Missing Link EP

Album Artwork by Deon Doughty

I spend most of my time writing about music trapped between a few worlds, these worlds are as follows: A) Indie Rock-Essentially, an alternative rock option in which the presentation is decidedly experimental, possibly lo-fi, perhaps slightly neurotic, but all in all, seems to reflect a quirky outsiders look–yeah, the term is kind of meaningless, but it covers a lot of territory; B) Power Pop-A term originally coined by Pete Townshend in a 1967 interview to describe the music of The Who, this usually refers to hook heavy, brilliant music that recalls the music of the British Invasion that was not endrenched in blues covers and tended toward terribly catchy material that will drive you insane, later this was perfected by the likes of Big Star, Badfinger, Dwight Twilley, The Records and many others; C) Pure Rock’n'Roll-This, to me, denotes a certain heaviness not represented in the previous two categories, the kind of music that makes the walls reverberate and your genitals ache, the kind of sound that may sterilize frogs within a five mile radius, for it’s volume and power. Sure there are other genres I’ve found an ability to write about in recent years, but these are my comfort zones. Sasquanaut, for clarifications sake belongs to the third and final category, and I’m pretty sure that the frogs are pretty pissed about it.

As legend has it, the debut EP from Sasquanaut, was never, ever supposed to happen. Nevertheless, it was Sasquanaut who held the first album release party of the year on  January 4th, which was a hell of a party at the Sail Inn with Banana Gun, Steppchild, Japhy’s Descent, Quick Henry, Page The  Village Idiot, The Sugar Thieves, Ghetto Cowgirl, Sara Robinson & The  Midnight Special, Future  Loves Past and The Woodworks. For anyone familiar with Sasquanaut, you know these guys are hard and heavy and almost completely instrumental, which in my mind leads to some pretty interesting dark psychedelic territory. While some people compress seven songs into a 25 minute ep, Sasquanaut literally spends that same time with four tracks. Perhaps, it was this release that signaled the return of grunge and good times as a staple of 2013, because not unlike the Vagabond Gods release, Sasquanaut’s music is somewhat transportational to me.

Let’s face it, Sasaquanaut  is heavy music for high times and the heavier and higher, the better. It did seem unlikely, the first time I ever saw them years ago, that they would be prompted to release an EP or an album, but The Missing Link EP is proof that while it wasn’t supposed to happen, the world can be thankful that it did. “Gnarfly” has to be one of my favorite heavy rock instrumentals of all time, while “Gelfling” is an amazing homage to southern fried rock ingenuity, “Love Stain” moves in Melvins mode until the jaunty bassline kicks in that makes it damn near a dance number and brings the funk right in the middle, and yet it is a brilliant song of many movements. Finally, “The Drip” finishes the EP by beginning with some suggestive sound effects and a tune through a radio dial where you can hear Japhy’s Descent, Doctor Bones and Banana Gun, before it kicks into smooth jazz…it may be the greatest start to a local song EVER.  The album concludes triumphantly and proves in every one of its moments that this EP absolutely had to happen.

My recommendation, while everyone else is in Austin, TX this week for SXSW, you should probably head on over to Long Wong’s this Wednesday and catch Sasquanaut at home base–11 pm, in all their blazing glory.  They will take part in Darkness Dear Boy’s habitual ritual of hosting a killer mid-week all out freak frenzy extraordinaire for all  to love and like or smirk and smile or leave because they don’t have the spine to hang with the sound that is tearing the house down. I am more and more amazed every time I see these cats because they appeal to that dark inner core that leaves me wanting more, and more. If you’re in town, do yourself a favor and get down with the sound of our own rock’n'roll juggernauts, the might Sasquanaut.

You can listen to all of The Missing Link Ep by clicking here!