All About Spirit Cave

Ryan Breen is best known for being the mad genius behind local luminaries Back Ted N-Ted, who once upon a time left Phoenix for New York City. Returning slightly disenchanted with the record business, he has returned to Arizona, placing his former outfit on hiatus and this is nothing but our gain. Breen has now founded a new band called Spirit Cave with Mike Bell from The Lymbyc System, Lawrence Hearn and featuring Mike Hissong and Catherinee Veriolli of 513 Analog, as well as guest vocals by Trisha Ditsworth. ∞8EP is the first in a series of EPs to be released by this new “eclectronic” collective.

Spirit Cave’s self-description that, “The desert at dusk, on a long open road is the best setting for Spirit Cave’s dream rock.” It’s not wrong—it is the perfect fifteen minute EP to play over and over again on such a twilight desert drive, whether it is the self-reflective, relationship intensive “ Monologue” or “Integration” which is steeped in a dark, deep guitar line that builds nto a nearly a pure indie-pop anthem within the chorus. Less electronic than Breen’s previous efforts, more on the dreamy rocks side, there is something hypnogogic  about the EP halfway through.

“Leave Here Now” is pure sunshine, indie power pop, but still found wandering on the dreamy side of things—as lightly treated as a song can be describing the sensation of drowning in your own reality. Waking from the dream is “Told You So,” which is actually my favorite on the EP, for no other reason than that it stands out as an instant classic tale of a musician pining for fame and with the brilliant chorus, “’Cause there ain’t no money in rock’n’roll.” Handclaps, grinding guitar, self-deprecating lyrics—this song, if it hasn’t already, should be played on the radio. It excites me that this EP is only the first of many. It also excites me that you can listen to the entire thing below all the further announcements concerning one of my favorite emerging bands.

But that’s not all…Spirit Cave is now on the verge of releasing their second EP and not only do they have a lot of shows coming up including tonight at Yucca Tap Room (yes, this very night), but they also have a Kickstarter campaign to have assist in the  cost  of pressing their new record on  vinyl and it needs your help! This is important, mainly because I’ve heard the new EP and it’s amazing (link for preview tracks below as well)–but also, because this sort of project isn’t cheap and this is the kind of record that deserves to be pressed to vinyl for proper release. The campaign will help fund the actual pressing of the record and pushing of the record as they plan to tour and delight vinyl crazed mavens all over a tour. The key here is, really, getting our favorite bands to get the hell out of town from time to time until the rest of the world realizes how spoiled and lucky we are. I would advise you contribute what you can, check out the tunes and maybe head over to Yucca Tap Room tonight for a wonderful show.