Last Exit Live-Tonight’s The Night!!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, they say every picture tells a story, they say a lot of things about images being able to move people more than writing. For once, and perhaps the only time, I’m going to allow the following images sink in without much addition of my own admonitions. I really don’t need to say much that I haven’t said HERE, so I won’t, except that I am so fucking excited about the Grand Opening of Last Exit Live that I can hardly contain myself. If you don’t understand my joy, please refer to the schedule below, because it’s brilliant and other venues I know simply can’t compete with such a rock solid lineup of local talent this month. I fully expect this will be the case to follow in months to come. Tonight Last Exit Live comes to life, begins it’s grand opening and unleashes an amazing atmosphere with THE best sound system in town. It’s not about how loud you are kids, it’s about how great the vibration feels up against your eardrums. The point is that I’m speechless about what awaits us…so here we go.

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