The Death of All My Friends!

It came with some surprise last month when I heard during the same evening that one of my favorite emerging groups, All My Friends, would be systematically releasing their second record and subsequently breaking up…possibly in the same night. I was dashed, mostly because I had just watch them slay everyone else in the lineup that evening and was truly glad I had brought spare jeans. Mostly, though I was dashed because I knew they had spent countless hours, days, weeks recording their new release and they appeared to be at the top of their game and gaining some ground. It had taken me some time to get around to listening to The Teepee EP and that lost time had already weighted heavy on my soul. It seemed like they were taking a page out of Tugboat’s book–send me great music, ensnare me in some vicious affection for their sound, then release their best recordings to date and never play again. Yep, this has happened to me a few times over the last five years now that I think about.

This final show is also going to be one hell of a time at the Sail Inn–a perfectly picked lineup and the band has promised that they “Have a ton of special guests being featured on our songs and a huge ending that will be one for the books.” Well, it should be, the recordings I’ve heard out of their sessions at Bangarang Studios are the best they’ve done so far–those recordings alone hope that this is not indeed the end, that something appears from this group of “4 cool dudes who just want to party and play some rock ‘n’ roll.” If it is really the end, well then they will join the ranks of bands throughout the years like Tugboat, Loveblisters and so many others that have left records on my shelf only to fade away. If this is the end, and you’re looking at the lineup below…don’t you kind of want to catch this one last time. The answer should be a resounding yes. Funeral attire is optional, but welcomed. And don’t get too sad, think as the Buddhist monks would have, death is only another state of being, a transformational journey that guarantees nothing, but promises all possibilities.

Come celebrate all that is & was ALL MY FRIENDS.

April 19th, 2013.
The Sail Inn.

Pallbearers include:


8:00-8:40- Good Friends Great Enemies (Inside)
8:40-9:20- Muscle (Outside)
9:20-10:00- Factories (Inside)
10:00-10:45- Small Leaks Sink Ships (Outside)
11:00-12:00- All My Friends (Outside)
12:00-???????-Future Loves Past(Inside)


Show starts at 8pm.
$5 at the door before 9pm, $8 after.

Presale Tickets- $5

Catering provided by: Punk Rock Pizza !YUM!

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