What’s Going Ahhhn…

Well, this is a hell of a weekend and because I’ve got other deadlines and many of the places below to be, this will mostly be a tale told in pictures. Something I’ve noticed in the many places I’ve lived and loved, as the music scene gets better, so do the flyers. Anyway, here we go with where you should be and let us pay heed to the new hot spot in town Last Exit Live, I promise you no better sound or lighting or intimacy or better sake cocktails anywhere in town, maybe the state, possibly the universe.

Friday, April 19th

The Sail Inn – Tempe: The Death of All My Friends

Come mourn the passing of this amazing band, dress in funeral attire, bring flowers enjoy the lineup. For more information see yesterdays blog on the matter HERE.

Last Exit Live – Phoenix: The Shakers, PALMS and Doctor Bones

I have already mentioned my love for all things to do with Last Exit Live…PALMS sounds amazing at some of the worst sounding venues in town–they’re going to blow minds here. And Doctor Bones–well, this is going to be some great shit going down in the city.

Rockbar-Scottsdale: Tigerface w/SunĀ  Ghost, The Madera Strand and More

What can I say more about this than the flyer does. This too will be an amazing show, featuring two of my local faves Sun Ghost and The Madera Strand.

Pub Rock-Scottsdale: Beach Fossils and St. Ranger

If you haven’t seen St. Ranger in a bit, you might want to treat yourself–and also, you get to see one of their favorite bands Beach Fossils.

Saturday, April 20th

Long Wong’s Firehouse-Tempe: 4/20/2013

This is a pretty stellar lineup and I would be remiss not to share the good news: Companeros, We Were There (Flagstaff), Instructions, Playboy Manbaby and Naked Pizza. It’s all free and it’s all fun!

Stinkweeds-Phoenix: Stinkweeds Record Store Day 2013!

Lest we all forgot while it may well be 4/20 it is also Record Store Day–which is essentially Christmas for Music Junkies. The whole event is going to be amazing with peformances by Spirit Cave, Playboy Manbaby, Wally from Wooden Indian doing a solo set and much, much more: https://www.facebook.com/events/431019356987693/

Lawn Gnome Publishing-Phoenix: Sister Lip EP Release Party

Another unusual lineup that is pretty damn alluring. Sister Lip releasing their debut, with Doctor Bones, Haymarket Squares, Bolts and Blanche Beach (!!!). That’s kind of killer.

The Sail Inn – Tempe: TMI’s 5th Annual Phochella

Ummm…If I could split my self in four ways I would on Saturday (well, everyday as well), but I will probably spend my day or most of it here…mainly because it’s close to home and I can take the light rail. I may make other venues, but I’m not sure how that will work out. Also, that lineup is amazing and no, I’ve never seen the Stone Foxes.