Benefits From A Musical Benefit!

I’ve written about this cause before in the pages in this blog and I really do think it’s a very cool cause. This time it is a little different from the spaghetti dinner at the school with an amazing lineup. The  8th grade band from Pueblo Del Sol Middle School is going on a field trip to perform at a concert festival in Anaheim and go to Disneyland. The trip will cost $11,000 for the whole band to go and $300 per student. They are trying hard to raise money, so their students can go. This is a huge honor and opportunity for these impressionable teenagers to experience a couple of once in a lifetime phenomena. The first being invited to play at Disneyland, the second is seeing an entire community reaching out to make it possible. This time around it is a Music Festival at the Sail Inn to help them raise the remaining money needed to send this 8th grade band to Disneyland. In addition to the wild selection of bands they will also be having a BBQ cookout and raffle prizes. Right now, they have paid for everything but the charter bus which is $3,200.

For all of $11 you can cat the entire showcase, have some great BBQ and get a raffle ticket, also it’s on a beautiful April Afternoon from 2pm to 8pm so it shouldn’t consume any evening plans, just get you ready for the night. Here’s yet another chance to get out and have some fun in the sunshine and know that what you’re doing is going toward a great cause. You can feel good, while you’re feeling good and enjoying some great music. Please inspire these children with, if nothing else, how much music really matters. Even if you show up for  a little while, it’s sure to make a world of difference to these 8th graders. Everyone benefits from this.

Tickets are $5. BBQ plates are $5. Raffle tickets are $1

Outside Stage
1. WuT – 2:00 pm
2. Frequent Kings – 3:15 pm
3. The Hourglass Cats – 4:30 pm
4. Former Friends of Young Americans – 5:45 pm
5. Bogan Via – 7:00 pm

Inside Acoustic Lounge
1. Anameike Quinn – 4:00 pm
2. Ruca – 5:15 pm
3. Andrew Duncan Brown – 6:30 pm

All proceeds go to benefit the PDS 8th grade band trip to California.