What’s Going Ahhhn…

I’m not going to lie, it’s a relatively light weekend here in the valley of the sun. By light, I mean there aren’t 2300 shows going on at once that you absolutely have to be at. I imagine that everyone is resting up from the last four  to eight weeks of dizzying madness where it seemed that we were all living inside of a non-stop music festival. I also imagine this slightly demure weekend is simply a respite for the approaching weeks of madness that are to ensue–I’ve seen the upcoming calendar, it’s pure insanity. Nevertheless, there is still a hell of a lot to rock your socks off around town. It’s funny, five years ago this would have seemed like a jam packed weekend, now it’s 2013  and it seems relatively light–I think  that’s an amazing accomplishment for artists, venues and fans alike that this magnificent environment to foster the beautiful noise of Phoenix has emerged. Here we go…

Friday, April 26th – TONIGHT!

Trunk Space-Phoenix: Paperhaus w/ Playboy Manbaby & St. Ranger

This weekend is chock full of Playboy Manbaby events, and rightfully so–this outrageous bands is one of my faves and  St. Ranger is amazing and  they are both holding some of the most anticipated albums of the year in their hot little hands for my ears to hear. Add to that Paperahaus from D.C. and this show is kind of off the freaking hook.

Ice House Tavern- Phoenix: Tierra Firma and Dolores

Speaking of album release I’m drooling over in anticipation, Tierra Firma has been holding me hostage over Eons for their 17 track masterpiece for well over two years. I get it, this  is an involved long process of a concept album, but with every demo I hear, every finished track I get, I just want more. At this unusual venue you may even get to see grown men beat the hell  out of each other just to your left. Always a good time.

Last Exit Live-Phoenix: Jared & The Mill and The Senators

Let’s face it, Last Exit Live is like the angels came down from indie rock heaven and built us a venue or Brannon Kleinlein…you choose. Nevertheless, since it’s opening less than a month ago, this is very nearly the only place I want to be, every night, forever. This is what makes me want to move downtown, I need  to be in walking or biking distance of this place. Tonight it’s going to be an amazing Americana set with Jared & The Mill and The Senators. If you had heard The Senators on KWSS 93.9′s TMI show this morning, you will probably want to be there tonight.

Hollywood Alley: Sinister Seven, Rolling Blackouts, Corey Gloden Explosion

This whole weekend seems to be absent of the “Big Bands” of Phoenix for the most part, so much attention should be given to the awesome indie underbelly of this town that will really feed your hunger for great music. Let’s face, there is something powerful about bands in their lean and hungry stage as they search for their identity. If you are searching for that vibe, then this show is for you. I would especially recommend showing up for The Rolling Blackouts who are brilliant and are growing more so every time I see them.

Saturday, April 27th

Sail Inn-Benefit Festival & BBQ for Pueblo Del Sol Band

Frequent Kings, The Hourglass Cats, Former Friends of Young Americans, Bogan Via, Anamieke Quinn, Ruca, Andrew Duncan Brown…Need I say more?  Well, actually I did, right HERE.

Songbird Saturday Concert Series (Songbird Coffee & Tea House): Avery, Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold, Field Tripp, Sun Ghost

This a great series that I truly hope continues year round and forever, the first in the series got rained out, but since then it’s been smooth running and they continue to pick some of the finest talents in town. They always provide drink specials for the neighboring businesses and have a keen eye for keeping things local. You gotta’ love that.

Cartel Coffee-Tempe: Playboy Manbaby CD Release Party

So, until the announcement of this show I had no idea that Cartel had expanded into the world of hops. Yeah, it’s a coffee shop that serves locally brewed beer. I’m not sure what to make of that, but I know I like it. Also, Playboy Manbaby is unleashing their first album unto the world and during the show they have promised to play every song they’ve ever played ever. My advice? Go coffee, beer, coffee, beer, beer, cofee, beer, beer, beer and then get ready to rock.

Last Exit Live: iamwe, Zero Zero, Bogan Via

I’m not sure I really need to explain this show. You have the former global champions of Hard Rock Rising, iamwe and the current front runners Zero Zero for Hard Rock Rising. Also, these are two of the best bands in town. Opening is Bogan Via, who seems to be everywhere at once this weekend. Also, have I mentioned this sake drink there that they call the Cherry Bomb? It’s amazing…not to mention the sound, the lights, the patio, the everything…