Vote Zero Zero for Hard Rock Rising!!!

I”ve been pretty clear about my adoration and affection for Zero Zero since the start. Actually, very nearly since before the start–I fell in love with a demo I heard over a cell phone at The Sail Inn. Granted, it was an easy sell, I’ve loved the Love Me Nots since the beginning and to hear the two founders of that band apply themselves to a completely different sound immediately caught my attention. It’s been well over half a year since I heard that demo of “Drug”, since then they released Mayday, three amazing videos, and continue to introduce new songs into their set, additionally, their live set grows more and more ferocious at every turn.¬† Currently they are in the running for Hard Rock Rising’s grand prize, which includes a world tour, new gear and a new album. The previous champion of this event from Phoenix was iamwe and after seeing these two acts back to back on Saturday at Last Exit Live, I’d like to see Phoenix take it again and again and again… At this point it’s not about the band (well, for me it is, because I love what they do), but rather it’s just showing the world the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the music in the valley of the sun. So you don’t have to think of it as a vote for Zero Zero, but rather a vote for Arizona and this amazing, beautiful thing happening that keeps us completely occupied, while expanding the weekend to at least four days ever weekend. When you vote you get a free¬† download of “Go” from Mayday, which has in time, possibly become my favorite song on the entire album. It is most impressive when served live, but it also deserves to be their next single. You have from now until Wednesday, May 1st (MAY DAY, Ahem!) to vote for Zero Zero and Phoenix. You can click on the link below to vote right now and get this trio trotting around the globe in all their glory.