Stuck Outside Of Phoenix Premiere!

I wasn’t in Tempe or Phoenix or anywhere near here in the early 1990s, honestly, I wasn’t even aware that there was a scene here during that time until a few years ago. At that time I was thousands of miles away devouring records from Seattle, D.C., Chapel Hill and Manchester like mad. In researching this town fairly thoroughly there’s been a rollercoaster ride of scenes throughout the years since about 1926. One of these peaks was indeed the early 1990s and there is a new indie movie being released that pays homage to that space in time, based on a fictionalized account by one of it’s main players. This is a pretty exciting event and due in time for the next, and even greater crest in this valley’s continually flowing music scene. Currently, I can name off the top of my head at least a hundred amazing musicians or groups in this town and I will be definitely interested  to watch this film as it looks back on the past. I’ll be particularly interested in what wisdom it has to offer for the future.

Stuck Outside of Phoenix will make its debut on Thursday, May 2, 2013, 7:00 pm at Pollack Tempe Cinemas, 1825 E. Elliot Rd in Tempe.  Art Edwards, Bassist and Co-Founder of Tempe’s popular rock band The Refreshments, teamed up with prolific AZ-based Producer Nico Holthaus to tell the story of Stuck Outside of Phoenix, based on Edwards’s first novel of the same name.

The movie recaptures the anything-might-happen days of the notorious ’90s Tempe music scene Edwards and Holthaus lived and breathed.  This fictional tale follows Josh “Hote” Hotle, a 21-year-old flailing musician who just wants to escape his stuck-in-the-mud existence, his faltering Tempe band, the sweltering Valley summer heat, and play Rock & Roll – anywhere but in the dormant Phoenix music scene.

A talented musician, Hote receives an invitation to join not one, but two bands, one in Tempe and one in Seattle,  a city which from a distance seems to be perfect for Hote and his musical ambitions. Making the choice even harder is, of course, badly-timed interest from the girl he’s been infatuated with but whom he’d never had the decisiveness to approach.

Wherever you’re from, you’ll be able to relate to this movie’s ‘behind the scenes of what it takes’ for local heroes to become national and international icons. The film, whose screenplay was also penned by Edwards, is packed with drama, romance, comedy and, of course, Rock & Roll.  The film is vibrantly filled by a soundtrack of rare and unreleased songs by many of the Tempe ‘90s “rock royalty” such as Gin Blossoms, Dead Hot Workshop and the Pistoleros.

Disinformation and sabotage and comas, oh my! These were some of the unusual obstacles plaguing the movie since wrapping on May 5th, 2012. Yet producer Holthaus somehow “stuck” with it, making sure to not disappoint Stuck’s countless fans and donors. There’s been a lot of rumors—both good and bad—from all over the world about Stuck and many of its personnel, and finally, on May 2nd, a lot of presumptions will be corrected, questions answered. The premiere will be an event that will have even more people talking!

Local Arizona actor Brandon Hannifin plays the role of the 21 year old, aspiring bassist Hote. The beautiful girl-next-door, Lola (played by local actress Kat Bingham), is Hote’s love interest. Cameos include Kimber Leigh, Holthaus and dozens of other beloved, established local actors, as well as a smattering of Arizona’s public figures from musicians to NFL stars.

Stuck Outside of Phoenix is directed by L.A.-based Dean Mongan, who has 25+ years in the film industry, noted for his discerning eye and amiable temperament. Stuck’s Director of Photography, Lee Lusby, has long been a cameraman with an equally discerning eye and demeanor beloved by all on any movie set.  Serving as producers on this mammoth (by Phoenix independent film making standards) project are local entertainment personalities Susan Rienzo, Marcelo Dietrich and Matt Strangwayes.

Composing the score and directing all musical elements for the film and its star-studded soundtrack is long-time Valley musician Harry McCaleb.

Editing the film is Rick Rothen who brings strong talents and methods to tie together the dynamic elements of Stuck Outside of Phoenix.

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