SoundsAroundTown Celebrates Two Years!!!

Wow! That’s all I can say…

…I can’t believe it’s been two years, today, since I launched It’s been a hell of a ride in two years time. Statistically speaking, I’ve posted 165 articles in that time (two were not authored by me), 93 of them were in the last year, which is amazing since I pretty much took off May, June and July. My hope of hopes, is that in some way, this digital volume of local music adoration has contributed to the well being of the bands and the shows and all else featured here. This whole thing really stemmed out of the need to get even more attention focused on the amazing tidal wave of talent that we have in Arizona.

In the November 2010 issue of JAVA Magazine I ran an article called Sounds Around Town, which was about local labels that were forming–it was the same month I became the Music Editor for JAVA as well.  Over the course of the next year, Sounds Around Town became a feature whenever we had EPs or live events to gather together and it was apparent that the music scene in this town was exploding.  This also, of course, led to the monthly feature called Sounds Around Town which has focused on singles, EPs, shows and news about the scene, as well as leading to, where we could expand beyond the range of the word limit in the pages of JAVA. Often when I write, I just write, I don’t think–I listen to music over and over and let my mind just wander through the sound, fully absorbing into my soul and eventually the article just explodes out of me. Also, I don’t think about word limit. I found myself editing 3000 word pieces to 1500 or less. Truth be told, I wanted a repository to put the full pieces. That was the idea behind this little blog, but it’s turned into a bit more than that.

Over the course of the last year I’ve been asked if I wanted to think about putting shows together. I had already been assembling lineups for shows for years in my mind, but never really thought about doing it myself. I also got asked last fall to start hanging out on Wednesday nights on KWSS 93.9 with Kevin Gassman’s show with Cindy Love, Driving With Gass, where we’d discuss the upcoming weekends shows and play the bands that were going to bring it to you. I couldn’t have been more thrilled, especially to expose a whole new audience to the local music I love, that may have been unaware of just what was going on in this amazing valley. Needless to say, I was most recently thrilled when Last Exit Live asked me if I would like to put on monthly showcases at their new amazing venue and immediately I began thinking about the shows I wanted to see—shows that were themed by compatible sound. The bands I would like to share with everyone else in a venue designed with perfect sound in  mind, perfect ambience, perfect everything and that is the very definition of Last Exit Live.

Saturday, May 4th is the first Sounds Around Town showcase at Last Exit Live and I promise that it’s going to be a ridiculously high energy event.  First of all, it’s being headlined by Zero Zero the ridiculously brilliant electropop phenomena that has set the local scene on fire with their amazing debut and impressive live shows–every song comes off as a single, every single will blow your mind and having caught them last weekend at Last Exit Live, I assure you that they will rock your soul.  I am incredibly pleased to announce that topping the night and closing out the evening will be The Oxford Coma–probably one of the hardest bands in town that can still maintain a groove, I’m looking forward to them blowing the roof off of the place and I can’t wait to experience this power trio in my favorite venue.  Rough Tough  Dynamite is one of my favorite emerging bands, with their entertaining blend of power pop, punk and new wave, I’ve caught them live a couple of times to have happily had my mind blown. Fairy Bones will open up the entire evening and after having caught them at this year’s Phochella, I couldn’t be more pleased that this spunky, punky four piece is kicking things off in style.  Show up early and be sure to be ready to dance your ass off and have a good time, because this will be non-stop action from start to finish, May the 4th be with you at Last Exit Live.

Finally, I would just like to say thank you to all the musicians, producers, artists, madmen, friends and loved ones who have made this wonderful rollercoaster ride all possible. Here is to many more years of listening to and writing about the amazing musical talent found right in our own backyard. I never expected anything like this when I began writing about local music five years ago and I can’t imaging what comes next. Cheers!