The Echo Bombs-Awkward Summer

Rising from the ashes of The Analog Society, The Echo Bombs appear to have emerged triumphant with an engaging sound that is both unique yet right in line with some growing local trends. In the last year or so there has been a wonderful emerging group of fierce, electrically charged pop/rock bands throughout this scene fronted  by amazing women of vision. In my mind The Echo Bombs join the ranks of Zero Zero, Russian Arms and Optics, Therapist, PALMS, The Madera Strand, Factories, Fairy Bones and a few others where a brilliant feminine vision is combined with amazing gutsy music that meets punk head on. It is almost like a revival of the GRRRRL Power movement, but with more keyboards and a better pop sensibility combined with the right touch of new wave quirkiness.

The Echo Bombs present a vision a bit more steeped in the shadows of a gothic touch, somehow evoking a darker presentation than their peers (save, perhaps, for Therapist). That being said, songs like the brilliantly catchy “Disconnect” defy that aesthetic as well, showing them off more as fantastic girl punk than anything yes, while “Dark Surf” is filled with hand claps, squeels and comes off as celebratory goth orgasm. It opens with the deadly disco of “Put Off” which is a perfect start for this six song affair, the refrain of “I wish it was enough to love someone” is somewhat haunting, but an insight that simply can’t be denied as pure truth. In the world we live in, it’s often not enough, no matter how much you wish it were. The easy single from the EP, “Disconnect” follows in its wake, nay explodes from the fade out of the opener and it is brilliant every step of the way. For more thoughts on that particular song you can read all about it HERE. The near ballad “Habits” is a stark and minimalist tune that comes off almost a stream of consciousness poem with simple backing about the self-fulfilling prophecies amidst deteriorating relationships. The lyrics are powerful and once more filled with truth, while the bridge is a far out freaking guitar explosion that My Bloody Valentine would be jealous of in any case–brilliant, simple and amazing all at once.

“Dream Residue” should perhaps be called “Habits Part Two”, it lays more backdrop and details on the previous songs subject matter–again, the residual damage of a relationship gone wrong, the two songs are paired perfectly here, this time the bridge is a keyboard wonderland, rather than the guitar apocolyptica found on its predecessor. The aforementioned “Dark Surf” follows and all I can imagine is a 60s B-Movie scenario where very pale people are juxtaposed on a very sunny beach–this is brilliant, in a way that’s not been done for many decades, it’s just a fun ride and a great time to be had. Awkward Summer ends with the electroclash hurricane of “Space Teens” that guides the EP out in a brilliant feedback washed wall of noise, as if it could end any other way.  For anyone embedded in both the light and darkness found in life and the living of it, the record may stick with you like no other. I sincerely hope that this is not the only release we see from The Echo Bombs and I eagerly anticipate their record release show tonight, which will be my first chance to finally catch them live.

Come out and listen to your favorite local artists and help The Echo Bombs celebrate their release at the Sail Inn. You can check out the lineup below and drool if you want to.

8:00 Cheetah Hawk ( def not Snail Quail, tho here’s a link if you enjoy their fine music: )
8:45 Rough Tough Dynamite (
9:30 Sister Lip (
11:00 Instructions (
11:45 The Echo Bombs (
1 a.m. Numb Bats (

Plus DJ Adrian Flanagan spinning some sweet post-punk goth wave 80′s shit between the sets all night!

This show will be $6 at the door!

Download the singles for FREE at: