Pride Through Strife- “Inroot EP”

There is a growing reggae scene in Arizona. Whether it is the likes of Black Bottom Lighters, Veragroove, Fayuca or others, the sound of reggae is spreading like wildfire throughout the state. One of the more recent appearances of that sound, one of the more astounding is Pride Through Strife. Though, more well known for their live shows, their recent EP release has made it clear that they are here to stay. This is good news for everyone. Pride Through Strife has spent their time opening for a ton of bands and they have a kitsch niche, which is that the band is fronted by triplets. Yes, triplets. They happen to be triplets with a splendid taste in Caribbean based music that will knock your socks off. Yes, completely off. If it wasn’t for KWSS I never would have heard of them or met them. Thankfully, Kevin Gassman and Cindy Love made sure that that Pride Through Strife would not go unnoticed. The three songs on the Inroot EP are magnificent samples of what Pride Through Strife are capable of—fantastic reggae tunes that display the capability  of triplets harmonizing. Seriously, these guys are great.

There is more content here than can be emphasized in these pages, but lyrically Pride Through Strife amazes. I guess I’ve been hanging out at more reggae  shows lately, but I’ve found that a fun crowd that enjoys fun music knows what they are after and enjoys every bit of it. Now I do to. Whether it’s “Our Demise” or “Valley Girl” or “Shady Lady” this is just great music to be enjoyed, cynicism and all. In all actuality, the cynicism is pretty welcomed—perfect timing, perfect place…”Shady Lady” is probably one of the most perfect songs that borders on a misogynist glance at feminine infidelity. It is brought to you by a damaged ego, delivered by a destroyed love and wrapped in a simply amazing package. This EP is perfect.

You can catch Pride Through Strife tomorrow night, August 16th at Club Red just off the 101 at University. The will be playing an amazing show with Stone Iris, The  Irie and Ras Linga. If you want to get your groove on, this may be where you want to start your Friday evening!