Northern Hustle – Forgether

It seemed that Northern Hustle appeared out of nowhere, one day I had never heard of them, the next everyone seemed to be talking about them, they were playing shows everywhere, they were getting radio airplay in the UK and they crushed their Kickstarter campaign to fund their album in a mere three days! On September 6th Northern Hustle released their debut Forgether for all the world to enjoy. As interesting in construction as it is compelling in sound, Forgether is sure to be found near the top of a lot of end of year lists. The amazing thing is that Forgether plays out like a live Northern Hustle show, using link tracks and shorter songs filled with powerful percussive bliss like “Intro”, “Tangled”, “Interlude” and “Ghosts.”

The twin vocals of Jonathan Malfabon and Drew Dunlap are damned near magical as the find their voices entwined and their harmonies flawless. Fuelled mainly by acoustic guitars and pounding drums, there music is both uproarious and beautiful at once.  The entire album is a wonderful aural experience from start to finish and though the singles are obvious, such as “Homestead,” “Empty Notes,” and the epic “Northland”, every moment on this album is captivating, even the studio chatter adds a certain charm to the entire affair.  This is an album to be enjoyed in its entirety, played over and over again at maximum volume, so you can hear every touch of percussion, every sound, every whisper.

With a debut as dynamic at this, it will be very interesting to watch Northern Hustle make their next move and see what they have in store for their growing cadre of fans and admirers. This is clearly one of the best debuts of the year and I, for one, hope to see this band have a long and wonderful career filled with more albums of such fierce vision and commitment to both their style and sound.

You can catch Northern Hustle this weekend during Future Loves Past’s “LUSHFEST” at the Sail Inn. They take the inside stage on Friday at 8pm! For more information on this amazing two day musical eargasm check the links and flyer below. If, for whatever bizarre reason you can’t make this amazing event, you may want to schedule yourself to be a  The Bear Den (3625 South Kenneth Place, Tempe, AZ 85283) on September 21, when Habanero Collective throws a House Party featuring Northern Hustle, Christian Lee Hutson and Dylan Pratt. And as that date gets closer, I will have an expanded review of the album that goes track by track concerning why Northern Hustle and Forgether are so fucking great, so stay tuned!

Official Facebook Event for Lushfest!