Of The Painted Choir’s Debut EP

I will always wager that there is great benefit in skulking around local venues, catching opening bands and specifically pursuing bands you have never, ever heard of, especially if they have a name you can’t erase from your mind. This is indeed the case with Of The Painted Choir—a band I’ve caught a few times, namely at Long Wong’s who has stunned me every single time. This month marks the much anticipated date of their debut EP release on April 5th at Long Wong’s and every song on the thing is marked of merit and expertise. Here is a band that meets Wooden Indian and Rubber Soul era Beatles somewhere in the middle with an engaging four song affair that both captures the listeners ear and imagination.

Whether it is the locomotion of the opening track “Lula, My Baby”—a driving track that immediately introduces you the angelic vocals of Frederick Huang, the guitar work of Darren Simoes, the swinging bass of Wayne Jones and the surf drumming of Austen Mack, it is an immaculate sample of perfection from this band. “A Spanish Mountain” introduces the keys of Phillip Hanna and is once more a subdued, yet rollicking track that explores melodic noise—dreamy and wonderful, hypnotic, but with more pop sensibility than others aimed at such sonic exploration. Saxophone courtesy of Joe Ames comes into play on “The Shame”, which evokes the mid period Beatles feel more than any other, but an alluring darkness not found in any of those Liverpuldian’s writing. “These Old Demons” evokes the unlikely event where Rockabilly meets Dream Pop and the results are astounding. It’s too early to tell which one of these songs is my favorite, because all four are so strong in their own regard and add up to one of the most consistently brilliant EPs that I’ve heard in a long time—but I know this has gone into heavy rotation since I  got a hold of it and I can’t believe this won’t be the case with anyone else who gets their hot little hands on it. This is a seriously amazing debut that only promises further greatness.

Be sure to catch Of The Painted Choir as they play a rip roaring set during Future Loves Past’s “LUSHFEST” at the Sail Inn. They will play the outside stage on Saturday at 8pm! For more information on this amazing two day musical eargasm check the links and flyer below.as they get the honor of kicking off Future Loves Past’s “LUSHFEST” at the Sail Inn. For more information on this amazing two day musical eargasm check the links and flyer below.

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