Sara Robinson &The Midnight Special: Reflections on their Debut Album

If one thing, above all else, can be said about Sara Robinson, it’s that, damn, that girl can wail! Her voice does indeed reign supreme throughout the entire ten song debut by Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special. Whether it is the hard rocking, blues drenched, viperous sting in songs like “You Ain’t Got Nothin’” and “She Ain’t Gonna Love You’” or the laid back, enticing,  jazzy delivery of “Tell Me Baby” or the smokey intimacy of dim lit club numbers like “Come On Home Boy” or “Oh!”  it’s very clear that this vibrant young woman deserves the spotlight she seems suited to be standing in. Upon first listen to this album it is her voice that will capture your ear and keep you close to the speakers, headphones or whatever delivery method you prefer. What becomes clear from the second listen on is that Ms. Robinson has one of the most amazing backing bands anyone could hope for in the world. The awesome power trio that backs her voice is, upon repeated listens, more and  more astounding each time—Brandon Croft’s immaculate guitar work (especially when on slide), Evan Knisely’s thunderous drums and Brenden  McBride swinging and making his bass sing like it’s a lead instrument is very nearly overwhelming.

This brings me to my point—this band has solid collaborative chemistry and their performances on this record are without fault, this is also true of their performances live. This was completely clear at their Sail Inn record release show where literally hundreds of fans hung on every note, danced to every groove and continually cried out for more. This sounds to me like a very special record that I hope is the start of a long investment in creativity as Robinson grows as a chanteuse and her band becomes unwieldy in their capabilities. What’s more is that they seem to have some sense of showmanship down pat, which will only server them well when they start taking this act on the road where others can see what precious talent we are spoiled with on such frequent occasion.

You can catch this amazing blues driven quartet at the  Sail Inn tomorrow night as they support their friends Jared& The Mill for their CD release party. They will be joined by The Senators, Decker, Stellacutta, Huckleberry, Northern Hustle, Old Hours and Judson Claiborne. This will be an amazing night and you may want to plan now to call in on Friday morning or simply call off. See you there.