Black Carl and The Wheel Tour!

One of the most curious, seemingly super secret releases of the year has been the full length album The Wheel by Black Carl. I haven’t even heard it or seen it. I know that its composed of nearly every track from their 7″ Singles Club and that in itself was some of their most brilliant work to date. The music on those singles was filled with the sound of a band coming into its own and while I certainly love their earlier work, songs like “My Hallucination” and “Silhouette of Evil” eclipse nearly anything on the first two records. So the soft release of The Wheel still puzzles and fascinates me. This seemingly elusive and brilliant band (not to mention extremely popular) may well have the album of the year (though it is something of a hit heavy compilation), but no one I know even has it. I’m hoping this changes with the upcoming tour they have planned. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but I’m hoping The Wheel Tour is exactly what it implies: An explosive and lengthy tour that showcases the new album to the world.

The Wheel tour starts tomorrow, Friday, September 20th with  an amazing show at the Sail Inn joined by their tour partner Jack Littman and local luminaries Ladylike, Orphans and Back Ted N-Ted!!! This will be an awesome event and maybe, just maybe they will have copies of The Wheel available! The tour starts there and then winds its way through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California and finally back home.  The tour will culminate in a show on October 26th at Crescent Ballroom, which knowing Black Carl’s history at that venue, will most likely sell out before they even get back to Arizona!  The Wheel  Tour is one of the most extensive tours of the Western States by any local band I’ve ever heard of, but somehow, if one band can pull it off, I’m pretty sure Black Carl is more than capable.

My advice? Get to the Sail Inn tomorrow to give them a fantastic send off, then tell all your friends throughout the West what is coming their way and finally get tickets well in advance for their return home next month. Black Carl is one of THE premiere bands that Arizona has to offer the rest of the world and everyone that has the chance them, should certainly take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Tell your friends too, they better be ready to DANCE!

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